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Posters for Peace & Justice - History of Modern Political Action Calendars

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Peace Signs: The Anti-War Movement Illustrated
Peace Signs:
The Anti-War Movement Illustrated

Peace Tales
Peace Tales

PeaceJam: How Young People Can Make Peace in Their Schools and Communities
PeaceJam: How Young People Can Make Peace in Their Schools and Communities

Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action, DVD
Fierce Light:
When Spirit Meets Action, DVD

Heart and Minds (1974), DVD
Heart and Minds (1974), DVD

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“Horace Mann, founder of the American common schools, considered violence in American society a flaw that required deliberate improvement and asserted that education should be the primary agent of change.”
- Marcia L. Johnson, Trends in Peace Education, ERIC Clearinghouse Digests

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Peace & Justice Posters

American Friends Service Committee -Peacebuilding Unit works toward the abolition of war and fulfillment of human rights as essential to creating a nonviolent world order in which all may live together. Staff provide educational resources for programs throughout the United States devoted to the promotion of peace, global justice, and international understanding.

Amnesty International - is a worldwide campaigning movement that works to promote human rights, in particular to free all prisoners of conscience; ensure fair and prompt trials for political prisoners; abolish the death penalty, torture and other cruel treatment of prisoners; end political killings and “disappearances”; and oppose human rights abuses by opposition groups.

Another Mother for Peace, a non-profit, non-partisan association, was founded in 1967 “to educate women to take an active role in eliminating war as a means of solving disputes between nations, people and ideologies.” AMP is the source of the poster “War is not healthy for children or other living things.”

Atrium Society - information about the Education for Peace and Martial Arts for Peace which help children and adults to recognize the roots of conflict, prejudice, nationalism, racism, and other forms of conditioned thinking.

Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV) - informed assistance to groups committed to understanding and preventing violence, particularly adolescent violence.

Center for Applied Ethics WWW Resources List - CAE is an interdisciplinary research centre which studies a diverse range of topics.

Peace & Justice Studies Association (PJSA) - a new non-profit membership-based organization resulting from the merger of the Consortium on Peace Research, Education & Development (COPRED) and the Peace Studies association (PSA). Dedicated to bringing together academics, K-12 teachers and grassroots activists to explore alternatives to violence and share visions and strategies for social justice and social change. PJSA also serves as the professional association for scholars in the field of peace and conflict resolution studies.

Educators for Social Responsibility - primary mission is to make teaching social responsibility a core practice in education; innovative curriculum materials, teacher training programs, projects and programs for classrooms, afterschool, early childhood and summer youth programs.

Environmental & Peace Education Center - a grassroots, non-profit, activist organization dedicated to the creation of sustainable environments that are safe for life on earth through the application of non-violent conflict resolution and democratic law at all levels.

Global Education Associates - Global Education Associates (GEA) is a partnership of individuals and organizations in 90 countries working to enable people to understand and respond constructively to the crises and opportunities of today's interdependent world. Emphasis is on the development of global ethics, values, and systems related to peace, economic well-being, ecological balance, human rights, and democratic participation.

Independent Media Center - Indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage. Indymedia is a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth.

Institute for Global Communications (IGC)-PeaceNet, EcoNet, WomensNet, Anti-RacismNet - advancing the work of progressive organizations and individuals for peace, justice, economic opportunity, human rights, democracy and environmental sustainability through strategic use of online technologies.

International Peace Bureau - the world’s oldest and most comprehensive international peace federation, brings together people working for peace in many different sectors: women, youth, labour, religious, professional. IPB was founded in 1892 and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1910. It has 240 member organizations, both internationals and national/local groups in over 50 countries.

International Peace Research Association (IPRA) - A professional association with the aim of increasing the quantity of research focused on world peace and ensuring its scientific quality. IPRA was awarded UNESCO Peace Prize in 1989.

OneWorld Online - publishing information at low cost for development NGOs on the WWW Channels include OneWorld News Service, Gallery, Guides, Think Tank, Youth Magazine.

Peace Action (formerly SANE/Freeze) - works to achieve the abolition of nuclear weapons, the development of a peace-oriented economy, an end to the international weapons trade, and promotes non-military solutions to international conflicts.

Peace Education Foundation - educating children and adults in the dynamics of conflict and promote skills of peacemaking in our homes, schools, community, nation, and the world.

PeaceJam - PeaceJam is an international education program built around leading Nobel Peace Laureates who work personally with youth to pass on the spirit, skills, and wisdom they embody. The goal of PeaceJam is to inspire a new generation of peacemakers who will transform their local communities, themselves, and the world.

Pathways to Peace - is an international not-for-profit peace building, educational, and consulting organization.

Peace Education Center, Teachers College Columbia University - resources for those interested in learning about new developments in the field, as well those who are interested in developing peace education programs, courses and curriculum.

Restorative Justice: Resources for Schools - Empowering students to resolve conflicts on their own.

State of the World Forum - Working with partners worldwide, the State of the World Forum will convene a high level gathering of international leaders of business and civil society at the New York Hilton & Towers this September 4 to 10. Forum 2000 is timed to coincide with the United Nations Millennium Summit which is expected to bring together over 100 Heads of State, the largest gathering of government leaders in modern history.

Thousand Cranes Peace Network - connecting people and activities which promote peace, non-violence and tolerance using origami cranes.

Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research - is an independent, small and innovative force for peace. Conflict-resolution is a science, an art and politics in one, thus you'll find science, art and politics on their pages.

United Nations System of Organizations - link to official Web site locator for the UN system of organizations.

United States Institute of Peace - is an independent, nonpartisan federal institution created and funded by Congress to strengthen the nation’s capacity to promote the peaceful resolution of international conflict. Programs include grants, fellowships, conferences and workshops, library services, publications, and other educational activities.

Citizens for Global Solutions - a democratic world federation limited to achieving positive global goals that nations cannot accomplish alone. (formerly World Federalists)

WomenRise for Global Peace - began when a small group of 10 women, aged 35 to 94 started meeting weekly in July 2002 to have conversations because of their frustration with the world situations. Wonderful inspiration!

World Wise Schools/Peace Corps - an innovative global education program that provides students in the United States with a view of life in one of the more than 80 countries where Peace Corps Volunteers serve.

ZNet/ZMag - an independent political magazine of critical thinking on political, cultural, social, and economic life in the United States. It sees the racial, sexual, political, and class dimensions of personal life as fundamental to understanding and improving contemporary circumstances and it aims to assist activist efforts to attain a better future.

The Future Is Now - an annual December 31 Peace Celebration in KCMO.

The Center for Global Community - proposes an active association of “thoughtful, committed citizens” to compose a strategy for global community and ethic that integrates the physical with the spiritual, the personal with the civic and social, as well as the economic, scientific, and cultural.

Collegium Spiritus - Individual study and group work for personal freedom and responsibility, creativity and self knowledge.

The Heart Forest - a living symbol of committment to community, spiritual, and environmental rejuvenation.

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