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Natural Answers for All Women's Health Questions
Natural Answers for
All Women's Health Questions

Blood Stories
Blood Stories: Menarche and the Politics of the Female Body in Contemporary U.S. Society

Just Like a Woman
Just Like a Woman:
How Gender Science
Is Redefining What
Makes Us Female

The Female Pelvis
The Female Pelvis

Yale Guide to Women's Health
The Yale Guide
to Women's Reproductive Health:
From Menarche
to Menopause

Where Women Have No Doctor
Where Women
Have No Doctor:
A Health Guide
for Women

White Vented Pink Ribbon Sort Cap

White Vented Pink Ribbon
Sport Cap

Teacher's Best - The Creative Process

Female Anatomy Posters & Charts
for the science classroom and home schoolers, as well as medical professionals.

science > biology > anatomy > FEMALE ANATOMY < health posters

Teaching resources, reference materials and illustrations include female reproductive organs, female genitalia, pathology of the reproductive system, pregnancy nutrition, cesarian section, breast disease and menopause.

Quotes ~
• “So immense are the claims on a mother, physical claims on her bodily and brain vigor, and moral claims on her heart and thoughts, that she cannot ... meet them all and find any large margin beyond for other cares and work. She serves the community in the very best and highest way it is possible to do, by giving birth to healthy children, whose physical strength has not been defrauded, and to whose moral and mental nature she can give the whole of her thoughts.” Frances Power Cobbe

Female Reproductive System & Pathology Poster
Female Reproductive System & Pathology Poster

Female Reproductive System

Shows ovary, fallopian tube, uterus, and vagina. Illustrates ovum, the female pelvic organs (sagittal section), and the female perineum. Provides views of ovary and uterus during the menstural cycle.

reproductive system posters

Infertility - 2nd Edition Anatomical Chart Laminated
Infertility -
Anatomical Chart


Defines infertility and illustrates an ovum (egg) and spermatozoon (sperm). Defines semen analysis. Illustrates female internal genital organs and early cell division of a zygote. Describes and shows fertilization and implantation and blocked fallopian tubes. Lists common causes of infertility in both men and women. Includes a pie chart graphic that depicts the approximate distribution of common causes of infertility among men and women (including unexplained causes). Illustrates (and describes) the following causes of infertility: For men: Cryptochidism, Hypopituitarism, Obstruction and Varicocele. For women: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Pelvic Adhesions, Intrauterine Fibroids, and Endometriosis.

reproductive system posters
pregnancy posters

Understanding Breast Disease Poster
Understanding Breast
Disease Poster

Understanding Breast Disease

Illustrates changes in breast over a lifetime. Shows normal breast anatomy, various benign breast conditions, and benign tumors. Illustrates the cellular progression of breast cancer and discusses symptoms of carcinomas and malignant breast diseases. Talks about the importance of self-examination, defines mammograms, and shows abnormal mammograms and calcification patterns.

Nutritious Pregnancy Wall Chart
Nutritious Pregnancy
Wall Chart

Nutritious Pregnancy

Shows food and herbal sources of protein, calcium, iron, and folic acid as well as how many grams of each are in common foods. Hang in the kitchen to be easily referenced at mealtimes.

nutrition posters

Conditions for Cesarian Section Poster
Conditions for Cesarean Section Poster

Conditions for Cesarean Section

Shows fetal malrepresentation, cephalopelvic disproportion, placenta previa, selected cases of abruptio placentae, fetal distress, and umbilical cord prolapse. Also indicates that maternal medical conditions with obstetric indication could be another reason for performing a cesaerian section.

Birth of Julius Caesar

Understanding Menopause Anatomical Chart Laminated
Understanding Menopause Anatomical Chart Laminated

Understanding Menopause

Updated chart uses the latest information on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), including the risks and the benefits. Also defines menopause, perimenopause, and estrogen. Lists common physical, emotional, and other signs of menopause. Illustrates body changes a menopausal women can expect and lists key steps to take charge of one's health duting that important time. Also includes illustration of the ovary and its role in reproduction and menopause, as well as what happens during the ovarian process.

• more aging posters

Understanding Osteoporosis Anatomical Poster
Understanding Osteoporosis Anatomical Poster

Understanding Osteoporosis Anatomical Chart

Defines and shows the effects of osteoporosis including bone density loss, progressive spinal deformity, and fractures in the hip wrist, and lower spine. Lists risk factors, prevention and management techniques, and discusses bone density testing. Shows common sites of osteoporosis on the body and how bone strength changes with age. Easy to understand and perfect for patient education.

Bones & Osteoporosis Poster
Bones & Osteoporosis Poster

health posters
diseases / disorders posters
skeletal system posters
• more aging maturity posters

Migraine Explained
Migraine Explained
Wall Chart

The Diseases Explained: Migraine

A guide to the treatment of migraine.

nervous system posters
diseases / disorders posters

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Poster
Sexually Transmitted
Infections Poster

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Defines sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and labels their effects on the body. Contains definitions (including symptoms and outcomes if left untreated) of trichomoniasis, chlamydial infections, gonorrhea, urethritis and mucopurulent cervicitis, syphilis, HIV/AIDS, herpes, genital warts, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), Reiter's syndrome, and mites and lice. Briefly discusses the effects of STDs on unborn children and infants. Lists tips on preventing STDs and seeking treatment.

nervous system posters

The Female Sexual Organs, Facsimile Copy, Giclee Print, da Vinci
The Female Sexual Organs, Facsimile Copy,
Giclee Print,
da Vinci

The Female Sexual Organs, Facsimile Copy, Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci posters

Female External Genitalia and Pathology Poster
Female External Genitalia and Pathology Poster

Female External Genitalia and Pathology

Illustrates normal female genitalia. Also shows Bartholin's cyst, cervical condyloma (veneral warts), three types of vaginitis, condylomata acuminata, and herpes genitalia. Also shows benign breast disorders, cervical cancer, and causes of uterine bleeding.

disease / disorders posters

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