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Authors, Poets & Novelists ~

Carlos Fuentes
Francis Fukuyama

Buckminster Fuller

Margaret Fuller

The End of History and the Last Man
The End of History
and the Last Man

Carlos Fuentes Macías
b. 11-11-1938; Panama City, Panama (father Mexican diplomat)
d. 5-15-2012; Mexico City, Mexico

Carlos Fuentes, a novelist and essayist, was also noted for his interest in socialism.

Carlos Fuentes quotes ~
• “Can you imagine me coming to this country to blow up a post office? I told them, ‘My bombs are my books.’” (about being denied a visa to the US after praising the Cuban Revolution
• “No government functions without the grease of corruption.”

The End of History and the Last Man
The End of History
and the Last Man

Francis Fukuyama
b. 10-27-1952; Chicago, IL

Professor, philosopher and political economist Francis Fukuyama authored The End of History and the Last Man, in which he proposes that the progression of human history as a struggle between ideologies is largely at an end.

R. Buckminster Fuller, Photographic Print
R. Buckminster Fuller,
Photographic Print

R. Buckminster Fuller
b. 7-12-1895; Massachusetts
d. 7-1-1983

Bucky Fuller was an American architect, author, designer, futurist, inventor, poet and visionary.

Fuller was primarily concerned with the question “Does humanity have a chance to survive lastingly and successfully on planet Earth, and if so, how?” Further he wanted to know how an average individual without special monetary means or academic degree, could do to improve humanity's condition that large organizations, governments, or private business could not do.

Dymaxion House, Art Print
Dymaxion House,
Art Print

Buckminster Fuller developed the geodesic dome (geodesics are a network of great circles lying approximately on the surface of a sphere), designed the Dymaxion House, attended a Froebelian kindergarten, and has the fullerene, a carbon molecule, named for him.

“All children are born geniuses. 9999 out of every 10,000 are swiftly, inadvertently, degeniused by grown-ups. This happens because human beings are born naked, helpless, and though superbly equipped cerebrally, utterly lacking in experience, therefore utterly ignorant. Their delicate sensing equipment is, as yet, untried. Born with build-in hunger, thirst, curiosity, the procreative urge, they can only learn what humanity has learned by trial and error, by billions and billions of errors. Yet humanity is also endowed with self-deceiving pride. All those witnessing the errors of others proclaim that they (the witnesses) could have prevented those errors had they only been consulted. “People should not make mistakes” they mistakenly say. Motivated entirely by love, but also by fear for the futures of the children they love, parents, in their ignorance, act as though they know all the answers and curtail the spontaneous exploratory acts of their children lest the children make “mistakes”. But genius does its own thinking; it has confidence in its own exploratory findings, in its own intuitions, in the knowledge gained from its own mistakes. Nature has her own gestation rates for evolutionary development.
The actions of parents represent the checks and balances of nature's gestation control. Humanity can evolve healthily only at a given rate. Maria Montessori was fortunately permitted to maintain, sustain, and cultivate her innate genius. Her genius invoked her awareness of the genius inherent in all children. Her intuition and initiative inspired her to discover ways of safeguarding this genius while allaying fears of parents. But the way was not always easy. Hers was the difficult frontiering task of genius.”

Buckminster Fuller

Buckminsterfullerenes (Buckyballs)
Fullerenes (Buckyballs)

Critial Path by R. Buckminster Fuller
Fuller Projection Global Map - Our Spaceship Earth
ecology posters

FYI -Buckminster Fuller, the great nephew of feminist and author Margaret Fuller.

Margaret Fuller, Pub. by Johnson, Wilson & Co., 1872, Giclee Print
Margaret Fuller,
Giclee Print

Margaret Fuller
b. 5-23-1810; Cambridge, MA
d. 6-19-1850; ship wreck off Fire Isl., NY

Margaret Fuller was a women's rights activist, journalist, and Transcentalist. She was also an educator, bringing women together for “conversations” meant to compensate for the lack of formal educaton for women.

Fuller was the New York Tribune's first woman editor (1844), and also its first woman foreign correspondent. It was on her return to the US that she died in a ship wreck.

Margaret Fuller quotes ~
• “Art can only be truly art by presenting an adequate outward symbol of some fact in the interior life.”
• “Male and female represent the two sides of the great radical dualism. But in fact they are perpetually passing into one another. Fluid hardens to solid, solid rushes to fluid. There is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman.”
• “Nature provides exceptions to every rule.”
• “The especial genius of women I believe to be electrical in movement, intuitive in function, spiritual in tendency.”

The Portable Margaret Fuller

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