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July Observances: poster links resource links
National Baked Beans Month food posters Michigan Dept of Agriculture
National Blueberry Month North American Blueberry Council
National Hot Dog Month Hot Dog Organization
National Ice Cream Month International Dairy Foods Association
National Peach Month Peach History & Recipes
Wheat, July Grain of the Month Whole Grains Council
First Week of July
Cherry Festival Week (June 29 - July 6, 2013), Traverse City, Michigan Nat'l Cherry Festival, website
Second Week of July
Third Week of July
Fourth Week of July
July Holidays
July 1 - Canada Day (1867) Canadian Heritage
July 4- U. S. Independence Day - Declaration of Independence Charters of Freedom, National Archives
July 9- August 8, 2013 - Ramadan Islamic months begin when the first crescent of a new moon is sighted. Because there is no correction for the fact that the lunar year is 11 to 12 days shorter than the solar year, Ramadan migrates throughout the seasons. June 28-July 28, 2014
July Notable Dates
b. 7-1-1646 - Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, mathematician & scientist Gottfred Leibniz Resource File
b. 7-1-1804 - George Sand, author George Sand Resource File
b. 7-1-1818 - Ignac Semmelweis, physician Ignac Semmelweis Resource File
b. 7-1-1844 - Verney Lovett Cameron, explorer Verney Lovett Cameron Resource File
b. 7-1-1872 - Louis Bleriot, aviator Louis Bleriot Resource File
b. 7-1-1903 - Amy Johnson, aviator Amy Johnson Resource File
b. 7-1-1912 - David Brower, environmentalist David Brower Resource File
b. 7-1-1931 - Leslie Caron, dancer Leslie Caron Resource File
b. 7-1-1931 - Stanislav Grof, clinical psychiatrist Stanilav Grof Resource File
b. 7-1-1938 - Dick Rutan, aviator Dick Rutan Resource File
b. 7-1-1941 - Twyla Tharp, dancer Twyla Tharp Resource File

b. 7-2-1489 - Thomas Cranmer, theologian Thomas Cranmer Resource File
b. 7-2-1714 - Christof Gluck, composer Christof Gluck Resource File
b. 7-2-1877 - Hermann Hesse, author Hermann Hesse Resource File
b. 7-2-1905 - Myles Horton, educator Myles Horton Resource File
b. 7-2-1908 - Thurgood Marshall, jurist Thurgood Marshall Links for Learning
b. 7-2-1923 - Wislawa Szymborska, poet & author Wislawa Szymborska Resource File
b. 7-2-1925 - Medgar Evers, civil rights activist Medgar Evers Resource File
b. 7-2-1971 - Kristi Yamaguchi, athlete Kristi Yamaguchi Resource File

b. 7-3-1728 - Robert Adam, architect Robert Adam Resource File
b. 7-3-1860 - Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman, author Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman Resource File
b. 7-3/4-1878 - George M. Cohan, composer, dancer George M. Cohan Resource File
b. 7-3-1883 - Franz Kafka, author Franz Kafka Resource File
b. 7-3-1908 - M.F.K. Fisher, author M.F.K. Fisher Resource File
b. 7-3-1935 - Harrison Schmitt, geologist & astronaut Harrison Schmitt Resource File
b. 7-3-1937 - Tom Stoppard, author Tom Stoppard Resource File

d. 7-4-1541 - Pedro de Alvarado, explorer Pedro de Alvarado Resource File
b. 7-4-1804 - Nathaniel Hawthorne, author Hawthorne CP Links for Learning
b. 7-4-1826 - Stephen Foster, composer Stephen Foster Resource File
d. 7-4-1826 - Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President Thomas Jefferson Bio
d. 7-4-1826 - John Adams, 2nd US President John Adams Bio
b. 7-4-1868 - Henrietta Swan Leavitt, astronomer Henrietta Swan Leavitt Resource File
b. 7-4-1872 - Calvin Coolidge, 30th US President Calvin Coolidge Bio
b. 7-4-1927 - Neil Simon, playwright Neil Simon Resource File

b. 7-5-1755 - Sarah Siddons, actress Sarah Siddons Resource File
b. 7-5-1794 - Sylvester Graham, dietary reformer Sylvester Graham Resource File
b. 7-5-1889 - Jean Cocteau, poet, artist, filmmaker, playwright Jean Cocteau Resource File
b. 7-5-1891 - John Howard Northrop, biologist John Howard Northrop Resource File
• 7-5-1971 - 26th Amendment, voting age to 18, U.S. Constitution print 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

d. 7-6-1415 - Jan Hus, theologian Jan Hus Resource File
b. 7-6-1736 - Juan Bautista de Anza, explorer Juan Bautista de Anza Resource File
b. 7-6-1747 - John Paul Jones, seaman John Paul Jones Resource File
d. 7-6-1802 - Daniel Morgan, Revolutionary War Daniel Morgan Resource File
b. 7-6-1865 - Émile Jaques-Dalcroze, composer & music educator Emile Jaques-Dalcroze Resource File
b. 7-6-1879 - Agrippina Vaganova, ballerina Agrippina Vaganova Resource File
b. 7-6-1887 - Marc Chagall, artist Marc Chagall Resource File
b. 7-6-1903 - Axel Hugo Teodor Theorell, biologist Axel Hugo Teodor Theorell Resource File
b. 7-6-1907 - Frida Kahlo, artist CP Links for Learning, Kahlo
b. 7-6-1915 - Margaret Walker, author Margaret Walker Resource File
b. 7-6-1920 - Elise Boulding, peace activist & educator Elise Boulding Resource File
b. 7-6-1931 - Della Reese, entertainer Della Reese Resource File
b. 7-6-1935 - Tenzin Gyatso, the current Dalai Lama, Tibet CP Links for Learning - Dalai Lama
b. 7-6-1947 - George W. Bush, 43rd US President George W. Bush Bio

b. 7-7-1753 - Jean-Pierre Blanchard, aviator Jean-Pierre Blanchard Resource File
b. 7-7-1860 - Gustav Mahler, composer Gustav Mahler Resource File
b. 7-7-1873 - Sandor Ferenczi, psychoanalyst Sandor Ferenczi Resource File
b. 7-7-1907 - Robert A. Heinlein, author Robert A. Heinlein Resource File
b. 7-7-1933 - David McCullough, historian & author David McCullough Resource File
b. 7-7-1980 - Michelle Kwan, figure skater Michelle Kwan Resource File

d. 7-8-1538 - Diego de Almagro, explorer Diego de Almagro Resource File
b. 7-8-1593 - Artemisia Gentileschi, artist Artemisia Gentileschi Resource File
b. 7-8-1766 - Dominique-Jean Larrey, physician Dominique Larry Resource File
b. 7-8-1838 - Ferdinand von Zeppelin, aviation pioneer Ferdinand von Zeppelin Resource File
b. 7-8-1854 - Eva C. E. Luckes, nurse Eva Luckes Resource File
b. 7-8-1867 - Kathe Kollwitz, artist Kathe Kollwitz Resource File
b. 7-8-1893 - Fritz Perls, Gestalt therapist Fritz Perls Resource File
b. 7-8-1906 - Philip Johnson, architect Philip Johnson Resource File
b. 7-8-1914 - Billy Eckstine, jazz musician Billy Eckstine Resource File
b. 7-8-1943 - Faye Wattleton, nurse/midwife Faye Wattleton Resource File
b. 7-8-1949 - Wolfgang Puck, chef Wolfgang Puck Resource File

b. 7-9-1713 - John Newbery, publisher of children's books John Newbery Resource File
b. 7-9-1811 - Fanny Fern, author & activist Fanny Fern Resource File
b. 7-9-1834 - Jan Neruda, poet & journalist Jan Neruda Resource File
b. 7-9-1858 - Franz Boas, anthropologist Franz Boas Resource File
b. 7-9-1893 - Dorothy Thompson, author Dorothy Thompson Resource File
b. 7-9-1971 - Marc Andreessen, software engineer Marc Andreessen Resource File

b. 7-10-1509 - John Calvin, theologian John Calvin Reosurce File
b. 7-10-1640 - Alphra Behn, author Alphra Behn Resource File
b. 7-10-1759 - Pierre-Joseph Redouté, artist Pierre-Joseph Redouté Resource File
b. 7-10-1856 - Nikola Tesla, scientist & inventor Nikola Tesla Resource File
b. 7-10-1868 - William H. Bradley, artist William H. Bradley Resource File
b. 7-10-1871 - Marcel Proust, author Marcel Proust Resource File
b. 7-10-1875 - Mary McLeod Bethune, educator Mary McLeod Bethune Bio
b. 7-10-1877 - Helene Dutrieu, aviator Helene Detrieu Resource File
b. 7-10-1895 - Carl Orff, music educator Carl Orff Resource File
b. 7-10-1905 - Ivie Anderson, jazz singer Ivie Anderson Resource File
b. 7-10-1939 - Mavis Staples, R&B, gospel singer Mavis Staples Resource File
b. 7-10-1943 - Arthur Ashe, athlete Arthur Ashe Resource File
b. 7-10-1945 - Virginia Wade, tennis player Virginia Wade Resource File

b. 7-11-1274 - Robert the Bruce Robert the Bruce Resource File
d. 7-11-1593 - Giuseppe Arcimboldo, artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo Resource File
b. 7-11-1767 - John Quincy Adams, 6th US President White House Bio - John Quincy Adams
• 7-11-1804 - Burr-Hamilton Duel Duel 2004 Weehawken History
b. 7-11-1857 - Alfred Binet, psychologist Alfred Binet Resource File
b. 7-11-1925 - Mattiwilda Dobbs, opera singer Mattiwilda Dobbs Resource File
b. 7-11-1925 - Nicolai Gedda, tenor opera singer Nicolai Gedda Resource File
b. 7-11-1927 - Theodore Harold “Ted” Maiman, physicist Ted Maiman Resource File
b. 7-11-1929 - Hermann Prey, baritone opera singer Hermann Prey Resource File
b. 7-11-1943 - Howard Gardner, educator & psychologist Howard Gardner Resource File

b. 7-12-100 BC - Gaius Julius Caesar Julius Caesar Resource File
b. 7-12-1730 - Josiah Wedgewood, potter, industrialist, abolitionist Josiah Wedgewood Resource File
b. 7-12-1817 - Henry David Thoreau, author CP Links for Learning - HDT
b. 7-12-1817 - Eugène Boudin, artist Eugène Boudin Resource File
b. 7-12-1828 - Nikolay Chernyshevsky, philosopher & author William Osler Resource File
b. 7-12-1849 - William Osler, physician William Osler Resource File
b. 7-12-1854 - George Eastman, industrialist George Eastman Bio
b. 7-12-186? - George Washington Carver, botanist CP Links for Learning - GWC
b. 7-12-1895 - Kirsten Flagstad, opera singer Kirsten Flagstad Resource File
b. 7-12-1895 - R. Buckminster Fuller, architect R. Buckminster Fuller Resource File
b. 7-12-1934 - Van Cliburn, pianist Van Cliburn Resource File

b. 7-13-1793 - John Clare, poet John Clare Resource File
b. 7-13-1941 - Otto Wagner, architect Otto Wagner Resource File
b. 7-13-1903 - Kenneth Clark, art historian & author Kenneth Clark Resource File
b. 7-13-1903 - Pablo Neruda, poet Pablo Neruda Resource File
b. 7-13-1934 - Wole Soyinka, author Wole Soyinka Resource File
b. 7-13-1940 - Paul Prudhomme, chef Paul Prudhomme Resource File

b. 7-14-1801 - Johannes Peter Muller, physiologist Johannes Peter Muller Resource File
d. 7-14-1812 - Little Turtle, Miami War Chief Little Turtle Resource File
d. 7-14-1860 - Owen Wister, author Owen Wister Resource File
d. 7-14-1868 - Gertrude Bell, traveler & author Gertrude Bell Resource File
d. 7-14-1902 - William Still, Secretary of Underground RR William Still Resource File
b. 7-14-1909 - Willard Motley, author Willard Motley Resource File
b. 7-14-1912 - Woody Guthrie, folk singer, songwriter Woody Guthrie Resource File
b. 7-14-1913 - Gerald R. Ford, 38th US President Gerald R. Ford Bio
b. 7-14-1928 - Nancy Olson, actress Nancy Olson Resource File

b. 7-15-1573 - Inigo Jones, architect Inigo Jones Resource File
b. 7-15-1606/7 - Rembrandt van Rijn, artist Rembrandt Resource File
b. 7-15-1867 - Maggie Lena Walker, activist & entrepreneur Maggie Walker Resource File
b. 7-15-1919 - Iris Murdoch, author & philosopher Iris Murdoch Resource File
b. 7-15-1943 - Jocelyn Bell Burnell, astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell Resource File

b. 7-16-1723 - Joshua Reynolds, artist Joshua Reynolds Resource File
b. 7-16-1796 - Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, artist Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot Resource File
b. 7-16-1849 - Clara S. Foltz, activist & lawyer Clara Foltz Resource File
b. 7-16-1856 - Eugene-Ausguse Ysaye, violinist & composer Eugene-Auguste Ysaye Resource File
b. 7-16-1862 - Ida B. Well, activist Ida B. Wells Resource File
b. 7-16-1872 - Roald Amundsen, explorer Roald Amundsen Resource File
b. 7-16-1880 - Kathleen Norris, author Kathleen Norris Resource File
b. 7-16-1907 - Barbara Stanwyck, actress Barbara Stanwyck Resource File

b. 7-17-1888 - Shmuel Yosef Agnon, author Shmuel Yosef Agnon Resource Filee
b. 7-17-1889 - Erle Stanley Gardner, author Erle Stanley Gardner Resource File
b. 7-17-1899 - James Cagney, dancer & actor James Cagney Resource File
b. 7-17-1905 - Edgar Snow, journalist Edgar Snow Resource File
b. 7-17-1926 - James Weinstein, historian & journalist James Weinstein Resource File
b. 7-17-1935 - Diahann Carroll, actress Diahann Carroll Resource File

b. 7-18-1635 - Robert Hooke, scientist Robert Hooke Resource File
b. 7-18-1811 - William Makepeace Thackeray, author William Makepeace Thackeray Resource File
b. 7-18-1867 - Margaret “Molly” Brown (unsinkable) Margaret Brown Resource File
b. 7-18-1871 - Giacomo Balla, artist Giacomo Balla Resource File
b. 7-18-1871 - Sada Yacco, actress Sada Yacco Resource File
b. 7-18-1895 - Olga Spesivtseva, ballet dancer Olga Spesivtseva Resource File
b. 7-18-1906 - Clifford Odets, playwright & activist Clifford Odets Resource File
b. 7-18-1918 - Nelson Mandela, activist Nelson Mandela Bio
b. 7-18-1921 - John Glenn, astronaut John Glenn Resource File
b. 7-18-1922 - Thomas Kuhn, physicist & historian Thomas Kuhn Resource File
b. 7-18-1937 - Hunter S. Thompson, author Hunter S. Thompson Resource File

b. 7-19-1814 - Samuel Colt, inventor & industrialist Samuel Colt Resource File
b. 7-19-1817 - Mary Ann “Mother” Bickerdyke, Civil War nurse Mary Ann Bickerdyke Resource File
b. 7-19-1830 - Alfred Waterhouse, architect Alfred Waterhouse Resource File
b. 7-19-1834 - Edgar Degas, artist Edgar Degas Resource File
• 7-19-1848 - 1st Women's Rights Conference Seneca Falls Convention
b. 7-19-1865 - Charles H. Mayo, physician Mayo Clinic Resource File
b. 7-19-1883 - Louis Paulhan, aviator Louis Paulhan Resource File
b. 7-19-1896 - A. J. Cronin, physician & author A. J. Cronin Resource File
b. 7-19-1898 - Herbert Marcuse, philosopher Herbert Marcuse Resource File
b. 7-19-1964 - Teresa Edwards, basketball player & coach Teresa Edwards Resource File

d. 7-20-1160 - Peter Lombard, theologian Peter Lombard Resource File
b. 7-20-1304 - Petrarch, author Petrarch Resource File
• 7-20-1794 - Battle of Fallen Timbers, in present-day Maumee, Ohio
b. 7-20-1822 - Gregor Johann Mendel, botanist Gregor Johann Mendel Resource File
b. 7-20-1864 - Erik Axel Karlfeldt, 1931 Nobel Prize for Literature Erik Axel Karlfeldt Resource File
b. 7-20-1873 - Alberto Santos-Dumont, aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont Resource File
b. 7-20-1919 - Sir Edmund Hillary, mountain climber Edmund Hillary Resource File
b. 7-20-1925 - Frantz Fanon, author and psychiatrist Frantz Fanon Resource File
• 7-20-1969 - 1st Man on the Moon NASA

b. 7-21-1885 - Francis Parkinson Keyes, author Francis Parkinson Keyes Resource File
b. 7-21-1899 - Hart Crane, author Hart Crane Keyes Resource File
b. 7-21-1899 - Ernest Hemingway, author CP Links for Learning - Hemingway
b. 7-21-1911 - Marshall McLuhan, media theorist, educator, author Marshall McLuhan Resource File
b. 7-21-1920 - Isaac Stern, violinist Isaac Stern Resource File

b. 7-22-1878 - Janusz Korczak, pediatrician & pedagogue Janusz Korczak Resource File
b. 7-22-1882 - Edward Hopper, artist Edward Hopper Resource File
b. 7-22-1893 - Karl A. Menninger, psychiatrist Karl A. Menninger Resource File
b. 7-22-1898 - Stephen Vincent Benét, author Stephen Vincent Benét Resource File
b. 7-22-1898 - Alexander Calder, artist Alexander Calder Resource File
b. 7-22-1901 - Pancho Barnes, aviator Pancho Barnes Resource File
b. 7-22-1948 - S. E. Hinton, author S. E. Hinton Resource File
b. 7-22-1964 - John Leguizamo, actor John Leguizamo Resource File

b. 7-23-1721 - Anna Dorothea Lisiewska-Therbusch, artist Anna Dorothea Therbusch Resource File
b. 7-23-1777 - Philipp Otto Runge, artist & color theorist Philipp Otto Runge Resource File
b. 7-23-1876 - Aino Ackte, opera singer Aino Ackte Resource File
b. 7-23-1888 - Raymond Chandler, author Raymond Chandler Resource File

b. 7-24-1783 - Simón Bolivar, liberator Simón Bolivar: Father of Five Nations
b. 7-24-1798 - Maria Foote, actress Maria Foote Resource File
b. 7-24-1802 - Alexandre Dumas, père, author Alexandre Dumas Resource File
b. 7-24-1803 - Adolphe Adam, composer Adolphe Adam Resource File
b. 7-24-1807 - Ira Frederick Aldridge actor Ira Frederick Aldridge Resource File
b. 7-24-1857 - Henrik Pontoppidan, author Henrik Pontoppidan Resource File
b. 7-24-1860 - Alphonse Mucha, artist Alphonse Mucha Resource File
b. 7-24-1895 - Robert Graves, historian & author Robert Graves Resource File
b. 7-24-1898 - Amelia Earhart, aviator CP Links for Learning - Amelia Earhart
b. 7-24-1900 - Zelda Fitzgerald, author Zelda Fitzgerald Resource File
b. 7-24-1918 - Ruggiero Ricci, violinist Ruggiero Ricci Resource File
b. 7-24-1920 - Bella Abzug, politician Bella Abzug Resource File
7-24-1974 - The United States Supreme Court unanimously rule that President Richard Nixon did not have the authority to withhold subpoenaed White House tapes and they order him to surrender the tapes to the Watergate special prosecutor. Landmark Supreme Court Decisions posters Background on U.S. v Nixon

d. 7-25-1195 - Herrade de Landsberg, abbess, author, illustrator Herrade de Landsberg Resource File
d. 7-25-1368 - Guy de Chauliac, physician & surgeon Guy de Chauliac Resource File
b. 7-25-1750 - Henry Knox, Revolutionary War Henry Knox Resource File
b. 7-25-1870 - Maxfield Parrish, artist Maxfield Parrish Resource File
b. 7-25-1902 - Eric Hoffer, author & philosopher Eric Hoffer Resource File
b. 7-25-1905 - Elias Canetti, author Elias Canetti Resource File
b. 7-25-1920 - Rosalind Franklin, physicist & biologist Rosalind Franklin Resource File

• 7-26-1788 - New York State Ratifies, 11th State New York Facts
b. 7-26-1796 - George Catlin, artist George Catlin Resource File
b. 7-26-1856 - George Bernard Shaw, author George Bernard Shaw Resource File
b. 7-26-1875 - Carl Gustav Jung, psychology CP Links for Learning - C G Jung
b. 7-26-1894 - Aldous Huxley, author Aldous Huxley Resource File
b. 7-26-1919 - James Lovelock, enviromentalist James Lovelock Resource File
b. 7-26-1956 - Dorothy Hamill, figure skater Dorothy Hamill Resource File

b. 7-27-1667 - Johann Bernoulli, mathematician Johan Bernoulli Resource File
b. 7-27-1824 - Theodore Dreiser, author Theodore Dreiser Resource File
b. 7-27-1835 - Giosue Carducci, poet & teacher Giosue Carducci Resource File
b. 7-27-1848 - Vladimir von Pachmann, pianist Vladimir von Pachmann Resource File
b. 7-27-1870 - Hilaire Belloc, author & historian Helaire Belloc Resource File
b. 7-27-1871 - Alexandre Dumas, fils, author Alexandre Dumas Resource File
b. 7-27-1882 - Geoffrey de Havilland, aviator Geoffrey de Havilland Resource File
b. 7-27-1885 - Kathleen Howard, mezzo-soprano Kathleen Howard Resource File
b. 7-27-1948 - Peggy Fleming, Olympic figure skater Peggy Fleming Resource File
d. 7-27-1996 - Paul Shepard, environmentalist & poet Paul Shepard Resource File

b. 7-28-1609 - Judith Leyster, artist Judith Leyster Resource File
b. 7-28-1804 - Ludwig Feuerbach, philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach Resource File
b. 7-28-1844 - Gerard Manley Hopkins, poet Gerard Manley Hopkins Resource File
b. 7-28-1866 - Beatrix Potter, author & artist CP Links for Learning - Beatrix Potter
b. 7-28-1874 - Ernst Cassirer, philosopher Ernst Cassirer Resource File
b. 7-28-1883 - Benito Mussolini, dictator Benito Mussolini Resource File
b. 7-28-1929 - Jacqueline Kennedy, 1st Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Resource File
b. 7-28-1934 - Jacques d'Amboise, ballet dancer & teacher Jacques d'Amboise Resource File
b. 7-28-1951 - Santiago Calatrava, architect Santiago Calatrava Resource File

b. 7-29-1805 - Alexis de Tocqueville, author Alexis de Tocqueville Resource File
b. 7-29-1869 - Booth Tarkington, author Booth Tarkington Resource File
b. 7-29-1869 - Isidor Isaac Rabi, physicist Isidor Isaac Rabi Resource File
b. 7-29-1905 - Dag Hammarskjöld, diplomat Dag Hammarskjöld Resource File
b. 7-29-1905 - Clara Bow, actress Clara Bow Resource File
b. 7-29-1909 - Chester Himes, author Chester Himes Resource File
b. 7-29-1916 - Charlie Christian, guitarist Charlie Christian Resource File
b. 7-29-1930 - Paul Taylor, choreographer & dancer Paul Taylor Resource File

b. 7-30-1511 - Giorgio Vasari, artist & historian Giorgio Vasari Resource File
b. 7-30-1818 - Emily Brontë, author Bronte Links for Learning
b. 7-30-1857 - Thorstein Veblen, economist, sociologist Thorstein Veblen Resource File
b. 7-30-1863 - Henry Ford, industrialist Henry Ford Links for Learning
b. 7-30-1926 - Betye Saar, artist Betye Saar Resource File
b. 7-30-1930 - Sally Ann Howes, singer & actress Sally Ann Howes Resource File
b. 7-30-1962 - Alton Brown, celebrity chef Alton Brown Resource File

b. 7-31-1831 - Madame Blavatsky, author Madame Blavatsky Resource File
b. 7-31-1880 - Munshi Premchand, author & activist Premchand Resource File
b. 7-31-1883 - Erich Heckel, Expressionist artist Erich Heckel Resource File
b. 7-31-1921 - Peter Benenson, founder Amnesty International Peter Benenson Resource File
b. 7-31-1921 - Whitney Young, civil rights activist Whitney Young Resource File
b. 7-31-1951 - Evonne Goolagong, tennis Evonne Goolagong Resource File
b. 7-31-1965 - J. K. Rowling, author J. K. Rowling Resource File
July Facts & Tidbits

July: The Harvest, Master Ermengaut, Giclee PrintJuly, named for Julius Caesar, is the seventh month of the year. July was originally named Quintillis (Latin = five) as the fifth month in the ancient Roman calendar, before January and February became the first and second months of the calendar year during the time of the decemvirs (a commission of ten men to write up a code of law defining the principles of Roman administration), about 450 BC.

Astrological Signs Astrology
Cancer: June 21 - July 22 Cancer poster
Cancer, the Crab Ecard
cardinal, water, personal; "I feel," sensitive, tenacious, family and home oriented, helpful, nurturing, moody, stomach/breasts; protective, clinging.
Leo: July 23 - August 22 Leo poster
Leo, the Lion Ecard
fixed, fire, social; "I am," passionate, dramatic, independent, noble, creative, leader, egotistical, heart/back ; generous, proud, theatrical.
Ruby - zeal, passion
Carnelian - protection

Minerals Chart Art Print

Birthstone (U of Washington)
Ruby Resource File
Carnelian Resource File
Larkspurs / Delphinium - lightness, levity, ardent attachment
Water Lily: purity of heart
flower posters Larkspur /Delphinium Resource File
Water Lily Resource File

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