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December Observances: poster links resource links
Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Month addictions posters National Ctr for Injury Prevention & Control
Safe Toys & Gifts Month safety posters Selecting Safe Toys for Your Child
First Week of December
Second Week of December
Third Week of December
Fourth Week of December
December Holidays
12-1, AIDS Awareness Day Understanding HIV - AIDS poster US Dept of Health & Human Services
12-6, St. Nicholas Day St. Nicholas poster

12-8-2012, First Candle Lit for Chanukah (25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev) (11-27-2013; 12-16-14; 12-6-15; 12-24-16) Chanukah posters Hanukkah Resource File
12-10, Human Rights Day - Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed, 1947 peace & justice posters United Nations Human Rights Comm.
12-21, Winter Solstice, Yule Winter Season posters Analemma
12-25, Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christmas posters
12-26, First Day of Kwanzaa Kwanzaa posters
12-31, New Year's Eve
December Notable Dates
b. 12-1-1083 - Anna Komnene, historian & scholar Anna Komnene Resource File
b. 12-1-1813 - Ann Preston, physician & educator Ann Preston Resource File
b. 12-1-1884 - Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Expressionist artist Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Resource File
b. 12-1-1886 - Rex Stout, author Rex Stout Resource File
b. 12-1-1910 - Alicia Markova, ballet dancer Alicia Markova Resource File

d. 12-2-1546 - Hernan Cortes, explorer Hernan Cortes Resource File
b. 12-2-1738 - Richard Montgomery, Revolutionary War Richard Montgomery Resource File
b. 12-2-1859 - Georges Seurat, artist Georges Seurat Resource File
b. 12-2-1866 - Harry Burleigh, composer, arranger, baritone Harry Burleigh Resource File
b. 12-2-1925 - Julie Harris, actress Julie Harris Resource File
b. 12-2-1972 - Monica Seles, tennis player Monica Seles Resource File

b. 12-3-1755 - Samuel Crompton, inventor Samuel Crompton Resource File
b. 12-3-1755 - Gilbert Stuart, artist Gilbert Stuart Resource File
b. 12-3-1766 - Barbara Fritchie, patriot Barbara Fritchie Resource File
• 12-3-1818 - Illinois, 21st State Illinois Facts
b. 12-3-1833 - Carlos Finlay, physician Carlos Finlay Resource File
b. 12-3-1842 - Ellen S. Richards, scientist Ellen Richards Resource File
b. 12-3-1857 - Joseph Conrad, author Joseph Conrad Resource File
b. 12-3-1965 - Katarina Witt, figure skater Katarina Witt Resource File
• 12-3-1967 - First Heart Transplant Heart Resource File

b. 12-4-1777 - Madame Recamier, literary salon leader Madame Recamier Resource File
b. 12-4-1795 - Thomas Carlyle, philosopher Thomas Carlyle Resource File
b. 12-4-1822 - Frances Power Cobbe, activist Frances Power Cobbe Resource File
b. 12-4-1860 - Lillian Russell, singer Lillian Russell Resource File
b. 12-4-1865 - Edith Cavell, nurse Edith Cavell Resource File
b. 12-4-1866 - Wassily Kandinsky, artist Wassily Kandinsky Resource File
b. 12-4-1875 - Rainer Maria Rilke, poet & author Rainer Maria Rilke Resource File
b. 12-4-1912 - Gregory Boyington, aviator Gregory Boyington Resource File
b. 12-4-1940 - Herbie Hancock, musician Herbie Hancock Resource File

b. 12-5-1782 - Martin Van Buren, 8th US President White House, Van Buren Bio
d. 12-5-1753 - Phillis Wheatley, poet Phillis Wheatley Resource File
b. 12-5-1806 - Anne Pratt, artist Anne Pratt Resource File
b. 12-5-1830 - Christina Rossetti, poet Christina Rossetti Resource File
b. 12-5-1835 - Samuel Butler, author, theologian, philosopher Samuel Butler Resource File
b. 12-5-1879 - Clyde Cessna, aviation pioneer Clyde Cessna Resource File
b. 12-5-1884 - Evert Cornelis, pianist Evert Cornelis Resource File
b. 12-5-1898 - Grace Moore, soprano opera singer Grace Moore Resource File
b. 12-5-1901 - Milton H. Erickson, MD, hypnotherapist Milton H. Erickson Resource File
b. 12-5-1901 - Werner Heisenberg, physicist Werner Heisenberg Resource File
b. 12-5-1932 - “Little Richard”, musician Little Richard Resource File
b. 12-5-1934 - Joan Didion, author Joan Didion Resource File
b. 12-5-1936 - Jonathan Kozol, educator Jonathan Kozol Resource File
b. 12-5-1946 - Jose Carreras, tenor opera singer Jose Carreras Resource File

b. 12-6-1478 - Baldassare Castiglione, author Baldassare Castiglione Resource File
b. 12-6-1788 - Richard H. Barham, author aka Thomas Ingoldsby Richard H. Barham Resource File
b. 12-6-1856 - Louise Breslau, artist Louise Breslau Resource File
b. 12-6-1875 - Evelyn Underhill, mystic theologian & author Evelyn Underhill Resource File
b. 12-6-1875 - Elissa Landi, actress Elissa Landi Resource File
b. 12-6-1886 - Joyce Kilmer, poet Joyce Kilmer Resource File
b. 12-6-1890 - Heinrich Zimmer, historian & educator Heinrich Zimmer Resource File
b. 12-6-1898 - Alfred Eisenstaedt, photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt Resource File
b. 12-6-1913 - Eleanor Holm, swimmer & actress Eleanor Holm Resource File
d. 12-6-1920 - Dave Brubeck, jazz musician Dave Brubeck Resource File
d. 12-6-1949 - “Lead Belly”, musician “Lead Belly” Resource File

b. 12-7-521 - St. Columba, missionary monk
b. 12-7-1598 - Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, architect Bernini Resource File
• 12-7-1787 - Delaware Ratifies, 1st State Delaware Facts
b. 12-7-1810 - Theodor Schwann, physiologist Theodor Schwann Resource File
b. 12-7-1863 - Pietro Mascagni, composer Pietro Mascagni Resource File
b. 12-7-1865 - Sybil Sanderson, opera singer Sybil Sanderson Resource File
b. 12-7-1872 - Johan Huizinga, historian & educator Johan Huizinga Resource File
b. 12-7-1873 - Willa Cather, author CP Links for Learning - Cather
b. 12-7-1928 - Noam Chomsky, professor, author and activist Noam Chomsky Resource File
• 12-7-1941 - Pearl Harbor bombing by Japan Attack on Pearl Harbor Resource File

b. 12-8-65 BC - Horace, poet Horace Resource File
b. 12-8-1542 - Mary, Queen of Scots Mary, Queen of Scots Resource File
b. 12-8-1626 - Christina of Sweden Christina of Sweden Resource File
b. 12-8-1765 - Eli Whitney, inventor Eli Whitney Bio
b. 12-8-1765 - Jean Sibelius, composer Jean Sibelius Resource File
b. 12-8-1832 - Bjornstierne Bjornson, author Bjornstjerne Bjornson Resource File
b. 12-8-1848 - Joel Chandler Harris, author Joel Chandler Harris Resource File
b. 12-8-1894 - James Thurber, author James Thurber Resource File
b. 12-8-1912 - Bill Bailey, dancer Bill Bailey Resource File
b. 12-8-1919 - Julia Robinson, mathematician Julia Robinson Resource File
b. 12-8-1925 - Sammy Davis, Jr., entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr. Resource File

b. 12-9-1608 - John Milton, poet John Milton Resource File
b. 12-9-1742 - Carl Wilhelm Scheele, chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele Resource File
b. 12-9-1850 - Emma Abbott, opera singer Emma Abbott Resource File
b. 12-9-1868 - Fritz Haber, chemist - 1918 Nobel Prize Fritz Haber Resource File
b. 12-9-1882 - Joaquin Turina, composer Joaquin Turina Resource File
b. 12-9-1886 - Clarence Birdseye, inventor Clarence Birdseye Resource File
b. 12-9-1905 - Dalton Trumbo, author Dalton Trumbo Resource File
b. 12-9-1906 - Grace Hopper, scientist CP Links for Learning - Hopper
b. 12-9-1967 - Joshua Bell, violinist Joshua Bell Resource File

d. 12-10-1198 - Averroes, theologian Averroes Resource File
b. 12-10-1815 - Ada, Countess of Lovelace, scientist Ada, Countess of Lovelace Resource File
• 12-10-1817 - Mississippi, 20th State About Mississippi
b. 12-10-1822 - Cesar Franck, composer Cesar Franck Resource File
b. 12-10-1824 - George Macdonald, author George Macdonald Resource File
b. 12-10-1830 - Emily Dickinson, poet CP Links for Learning - Dickinson
b. 12-10-1830 - Adolf Loos, architect Adolf Loos Resource File
b. 12-10-1891 - Nelly Sachs, author Nelly Sachs Resource File
b. 12-10-1910 - Hermes Pan, dancer & choreographer Hermes Pan Resource File
b. 12-10-1914 - Dorothy Lamour, actress Dorothy Lamour Resource File
b. 12-10-1964 - Bobby Flay, chef Bobby Flay Resource File

b. 12-11-1725 - George Mason, Revolutionary War George Mason Resource File
b. 12-11-1803 - Hector Berlioz, composer Hector Berlioz Resource File
• 12-11-1816 - Indiana, 19th State
b. 12-11-1843 - Dr. Robert Koch, researcher Robert Koch Resource File
b. 12-11-1859 - Paul Hankar, architect Paul Hankar Resource File
b. 12-11-1863 - Annie Jump Cannon, astronomer Annie Jump Cannon Resource File
b. 12-11-1882 - Max Born, physicist Max Born Resource File
b. 12-11-1890 - Mark Tobey, artist Mark Tobey Resource File
b. 12-11-1918 - Alexander Solzhenitsyn, author
Alexander Solzhenitsyn Resource File
b. 12-11-1931 - Rita Moreno, actress Rita Moreno Resource File
• 12-11-1972 - Apollo 17 lands on moon Apollo 17 Resource File

d. 12-12-1204 - Moses Maimonides, rabbi, philosopher & physician Maimonides Resource File
• 12-12-1531- Vision of the Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Guadalupe Mexico Resource File
b. 12-12-1731- Erasmus Darwin, physician Erasmus Darwin Resource File
b. 12-12-1745 - John Jay, jurist John Jay Resource File
• 12-12-1787 - Pennsylvania, 2nd State
b. 12-12-1821 - Gustave Flaubert, author Gustave Flaubert Resource File
b. 12-12-1857 - Lillian Nordica, opera singer Lillian Nordica Resource File
b. 12-12-1863 - Edward Munch, artist Edward Munch Resource File
b. 12-12-1890 - Minnie Evans, artist Minnie Evans Resource File
b. 12-12-1897 - Lillian Smith, author Lillian Smith Resource File
b. 12-12-1900 - Maria Telkes, chemist/physicists & inventor Maria Telkes Resource File
b. 12-12-1912 - Henry Armstrong, boxer Henry Armstrong Resource File
b. 12-12-1928 - Helen Frankenthaler, artist Helen Frankenthaler Resource File
b. 12-12-1952 - Cathy Rigby, gymnast & actress Cathy Rigby Resource File
b. 12-12-1962 - Tracy Austin, tennis champion Tracy Austin Resource File

b. 12-13-1797 - Heinrich Heine, author Heinrich Heine Resource File
b. 12-13-1805 - William Lloyd Garrison, abolitionist & journalist William Lloyd Garrison Resource File
b. 12-13-1816 - Werner von Siemens, inventor & industrialist Werner von Siemens Resource File
b. 12-13-1818 - Mary Todd Lincoln, First Lady White House Bio Mary Todd Lincoln
b. 12-13-1883 - John Stringfellow, aviator John Stringfellow Resource File
b. 12-13-1903 - Ella Baker, activist Ella Baker Resource File
b. 12-13-1903 - Carlos Montoya, guitarist Carlos Montoya Resource File

b. 12-14 (or 21)-1503 - Michel de Nostredame, physician & seer Michel de Nostredame Resource File
b. 12-14-1546 - Tycho Brahe, astronomer Tycho Brahe Resource File
b. 12-14-1730 - James Bruce, explorer James Bruce Resource File
d. 12-14-1780 - Ignatius Sancho, author Ignatius Sancho Resource File
• 12-14-1819 - Alabama, 22nd State All About Alabama
b. 12-14-1836 - Frances Ridley Havergal, author Frances Ridley Havergal Resource File
b. 12-14-1896 - Jimmy Doolittle, aviator Jimmy Doolittle Resource File
b. 12-14-1909 - Edward Lawrie Tatum, biologist Edward Lawrie Tatum Resource File
b. 12-14-1916 - Shirley Jackson, author Shirley Jackson Resource File
b. 12-14-1917 - June Taylor, choreographer & dancer June Taylor Resource File
b. 12-14-1938 - Stewart Brand, environmentalist & author Stewart Brand Resource File
b. 12-14-1946 - Patty Duke Astin, actress Patty Duke Astin Resource File

d. 12-15-1673 - Margaret Cavendish, author Margaret Cavendish Resource File
• 12-15-1791 - Bill of Rights The National Archives
b. 12-15-1832 - Gustave Eiffel, architect Gustave Eiffel Resource File
b. 12-15-1852 - Antoine-Henri Becquerel, physicist Antoine-Henri Becquerel Resource File
b. 12-15-1859 - Ludwig L. Zamenhof, founder Experanto Ludwig L. Zamenhof Resource File
b. 12-15-1888 - William A. Hinton, physician & researcher William A. Hinton Resource File
b. 12-15-1888 - Maxwell Anderson, author Maxwell Anderson Resource File
b. 12-15-1907 - Oscar Niemeyer, architect Oscar Niemeyer Resource File
b. 12-15-1912 - Ray Eames, designer Charles & Ray Eames Resource File
b. 12-15-1913 - Muriel Rukeyser, poet Muriel Rukeyser Resource File
b. 12-15-1916 - Maurice Wilkins, biologist Maurice Wilkins Resource File
b. 12-15-1923 - Freeman Dyson, physicist & mathematician Freeman Dyson Resource File
b. 12-15-1928 - Friedensreich Hundertwasser, artist/architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser Resource File
b. 12-15-1935 - John Taylor Gatto, education reformer & author John Taylor Gatto Resource File
b. 12-15-1944 - Chico Mendes, environmental & labor activist Chico Mendea Resource File

d. 12-16-705 - Wu Zetian, Chinese Empress Wu Zetian Resource File
• 12-16-1773 - Boston Tea Party Eyewitness Account by a Participant
b. 12-16-1775 - Jane Austen, author Jane Austen Society UK bio
b. 12-16-1787 - Mary Russell Mitford, author Mary Russell Mitford Resource File
b. 12-16-1863 - George Santayana, author George Santayana Resource File
b. 12-16-1882 - Zoltan Kodaly, music educator Zoltan Kodaly Resource File
b. 12-16-1899 - Noel Coward, composer & playwright Noel Coward Resource File
b. 12-16-1901 - Margaret Mead, anthropologist Margaret Mead Resource File
b. 12-16-1917 - Arthur C. Clarke, author Arthur C. Clarke Resource File
b. 12-16-1928 - Philip K. Dick, science fiction author Philip K. Dick Resource File
b. 12-16-1938 - Liv Ullmann, actress & film director Liv Ullmann Resource File
• 12-16-1944 - Battle of Bulge begins Battle of the Bulge Resource File

d. 12-17-1663 - Queen Nzinga Mbande Queen Nzinga Resource File
b. 12-17-1706 - Madame Émilie du Chatelet, scientist Émilie du Chatelet Resource File
b. 12-17-1749 - Domenico Cimarosa, composer Domenico Cimarosa Resource File
b. 12-17-1760 - Deborah Sampson, Revolutionary War soldier Deborah Sampson Resource File
b. 12-17-1770 - Ludwig van Beethoven, composer Beethoven Resource File
b. 12-17-1807 - John Greenleaf Whittier, poet John Greenleaf Whittier Resource File
b. 12-17-1858 - Eva Sars Nansen, women's rights Eva Sars Nansen Resource File
d. 12-17-1879 - Maria W. Stewart, abolitionist & feminist Maria W. Stewart Resource File
• 12-17-1903 - Wright Bros 1st Flight CP Links for Learning - Wright Bros
b. 12-17-1908 - Willard Libby, chemist Willard Libby Resource File
b. 12-17-1937 - Jaime Lerner, architect Jaime Lerner Resource File
b. 12-17-1947 - Wes Studi, actor Wes Studi Resource File

d. 12-18-1737 - Antonius Stradivarius, luthier Antonius Stradivarius Resource File
b. 12-18-1768 - Marie-Guilhelmine Benoist, artist Marie-Guilhelmine Benoist Resource File
• 12-18-1787 - New Jersey, 3rd State New Jersey Facts
b. 12-18-1828 - Viktor Rydberg, author Viktor Rydberg Resource File
b. 12-18-1860 - Edward Alexander MacDowell, composer Edward Alexander MacDowell Resource File
b. 12-18-1865 - 13th Amendment Ratified 13th Amendment Resource File
b. 12-18-1870 - Hector Hugh Munro “Saki”, author Hector Hugh Munro “Saki” Resource File
b. 12-18-1879 - Paul Klee, artist Paul Klee Resource File
b. 12-18-1888 - Robert Moses, city planner Robert Moses Resource File
b. 12-18-1897 - Fletcher Henderson, musician Fletcher Henderson Resource File
b. 12-18-1912 - Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., 1st African American general in US Army, aviator Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. Resource File
b. 12-18-1913 - Willy Brandt, German politician Willy Brandt Resource File
b. 12-18-1916 - Betty Grable, dancer & actress Betty Grable Resource File
b. 12-18-1935 - Jacques Pépin, chef Jacques Pépin Resource File

b. 12-19-1852 - Albert Abraham Michelson, physicist Albert Abraham Michelson Resource File
b. 12-19-1875 - Carter G. Woodson, historian & educator Carter G. Woodson Resource File
b. 12-19-1885 - Joe “King” Oliver, musician Joe “King” Oliver Resource File
b. 12-19-1902 - Dusolina Giannini, opera singer Dusolina Giannini Resource File
b. 12-19-1915 - Jean Genet, author Jean Genet Resource File
b. 12-19-1915 - Edith Piaf, singer Edith Piaf Resource File
d. 12-19-1967 - Carmen Melis, soprano opera singer Carmen Melis Resource File

d. 12-20-1590 - Ambroise Paré, surgeon & anatomist Ambroise Paré Resource File
d. 12-20-1812 ? - Sacagawea, guide for Lewis & Clark Sacagawea Resource File
b. 12-20-1833 - Samuel Mudd, physician Samuel Mudd Resource File
b. 12-20-1838 - Edwin A. Abbott, author Edwin A. Abbott Resource File
b. 12-20-1886 - Hazel Wightman, tennis player Hazel Wightman Resource File
b. 12-20-1906 - Marion Talley, opera singer Marion Talley Resource File
b. 12-20-1917 - David Bohm, physicist David Bohm Resource File
b. 12-20-1954 - Sandra Cisneros, author Sandra Cisneros Resource File

d. 12-21-1375 - Giovanni Boccaccio, author Giovanni Boccaccio Resource File
b. 12-21-1603 - Roger Williams, theologian & founder of Rhode Island Roger Williams Resource File
• 12-21-1620 - Pilgrims, Plymouth Rock, Massachuetts Pilgrim Hall Museum
b. 12-21-1744 - Anne Vallayer-Coster, artist Anne Vallayer-Coster Resource File
b. 12-21-1795 - Leopold von Ranke, historian Leopold von Ranke Resource File
b. 12-21-1866 - Maud Gonne, actress Maud Gonne Resource File
b. 12-21-1872 - Albert Payson Terhune, author & dog breeder Albert Payson Terhune Resource File
b. 12-21-1892 - Dame Rebecca West, author Rebecca West Resource File
b. 12-21-1937 - Jane Fonda, actress & activist Jane Fonda Resource File
b. 12-21-1954 - Chris Evert, tennis player Chris Evert Resource File
b. 12-21-1959 - Florence Griffith Joyner, track & field athlete Florence Griffith Joyner Resource File
b. 12-21-1975 - Paloma Herrera, ballerina Paloma Herrera Resource File

b. 12-22-1639 - Jean Racine, dramatist Jean Racine Resource File
b. 12-22-1823 - Jean-Henri Fabre, entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre Resource File
b. 12-22-1823 - Thomas Wentworth Higginson, author & abolitionist Thomas Wentworth Higginson Resource File
b. 12-22-1856 - Frank B. Kellogg, Nobel Peace Prize 1929 Frank B. Kellogg Resource File
b. 12-22-1858 - Giacomo Puccini, composer Giacomo Puccini Resource File
b. 12-22-1869 - Edwin Arlington Robinson, poet Edwin Arlington Robinson Resource File

d. 12-23-1524 - Vasco da Gama, explorer Vasco da Gama Resource File
d. 12-23-1568 - Roger Ascham, instructional writer Roger Ascham Resource File
d. 12-23-1682 - James Gibbs, architect James Gibbs Resource File
b. 12-23-1805 - Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of LDS Church Joseph Smith, Jr. Resource File
b. 12-23-1828 - Mathilde Wesendonck, poet Mathilde Wesendonck Resource File
b. 12-23-1867 - Madame C. J. Walker Madame C. J. Walker Resource File
b. 12-23-1893 - Ann Pennington, dancer & actress Ann Pennington Resource File
b. 12-23-1926 - Robert Bly, author Robert Bly Resource File

d. 12-24-1453 - John Dunstable, composer John Dunstable Resource File
b. 12-24-1745 - Benjamin Rush, physician & politician Benjamin Rush Resource File
b. 12-24-1809 - Kit Carson, explorer Kit Carson Resource File
b. 12-24-1818 - James Prescott Joule, chemist James Prescott Joule Resource File
b. 12-24-1822 - Matthew Arnold, poet Matthew Arnold Resource File
d. 12-24-1824 - Pushmataha, Choctaw chief Pushmataha Resource File
b. 12-24-1881 - Juan Ramon Jimenez, author Juan Ramon Jimenez Resources File
b. 12-24-1887 - Lucrezia Bori, opera singer Lucrezia Bori Resource File
b. 12-24-1905 - Howard Hughes, aviator, businessman Howard Hughes Resource File
b. 12-24-1922 - Ava Gardner, actress Ava Gardner Resource File

d. 12-25-1635 - Samuel de Champlain, explorer Samuel de Champlain Resource File
b. 12-25-1642 - Isaac Newton, scientist Isaac Newton Resource File
b. 12-25-1821 - Clara Barton, nurse Red Cross
b. 12-25-1865 - Evangeline Cory Booth, activist Evangeline Cory Booth Resource File
b. 12-25-1865 - Fay Templeton, actress Fay Templeton Resource File
b. 12-25-1865 - Felix Vallotton, artist Felix Vallotton Resource File
b. 12-25-1874 - Lina Cavalieri, opera singer Lina Cavalieri Resource File
b. 12-25-1883 - Maurice Utrillo, artist Maurice Utrillo Resource File
b. 12-25-1884 - Evelyn Nesbit, actress Evelyn Nesbit Resource File
b. 12-25-1907 - Cab Calloway, musician Cab Calloway Resource File
b. 12-25-1925 - Carlos Castaneda, author & anthropologist Carlos Castaneda Resource File

b. 12-26-1618 - Elisabeth of the Palatinate, natural philosopher Elisabeth of the Palatinate Resource File
b. 12-26-1716 - Thomas Gray, poet Thomas Gray Resource File
b. 12-26-1780 - Mary Fairfax Somerville, scientist Mary Fairfax Somerville Resource File
b. 12-26-1791/2 - Charles Babbage, mathematician Charles Babbage Resource File
b. 12-26-1891 - Henry Miller, author Henry Miller Resource File
b. 12-26-1894 - Jean Toomer, author Jean Toomer Bio
b. 12-26-1908 - Salvador Allende, physician & politician Salvador Allende Resource File

b. 12-27-1571 - Johannes Kepler, astronomer Johannes Kepler Resource File
b. 12-27-1714 - George Whitefield, theologian George Whitefield Resource File
b. 12-27-1773 - Sir George Cayley, aerodynamics engineer Sir George Cayley Resource File
b. 12-27-1778 - Humphry Davy, scientist Humphry Davy Resource File
b. 12-27-1793 - Alexander Gordon Laing, explorer Alexander Gordon Laing Resource File
b. 12-27-1822 - Louis Pasteur, scientist Louis Pasteur Resource File
b. 12-27-1896 - Louis Bromfield, author & agarian reformer Louis Bromfield Resource File
b. 12-27-1896 - Carl Zuckmayer, poet & playwright Carl Zuckmayer Resource File
b. 12-27-1923 - Maria Callas, opera singer Maria Callas Resource File
b. 12-27-1957 - Greg Mortenson, humanitarian Greg Mortenson Resource File

b. 12-28-1789 - Catharine Maria Sedgwick, author Catharine Maria Sedgwick Resource File
d. 12-28-1829 - Elizabeth “Mumbet” Freeman, freed slave Elizabeth “Mumbet” Freeman Resource File
b. 12-28-1835 - Archibald Geikie, geologist Sir Archibald Geikie Resource File
• 12-28-1846 - Iowa, 29th State Iowa Facts
b. 12-28-1856 - Woodrow Wilson, 28th US President Woodrow Wilson Links for Learning
b. 12-28-1882 - Sir Arthur Eddington, astrophysicist & mathematician Sir Arthur Eddington Resource File
b. 12-28-1901 - Marlene Dietrich, actress Marlene Dietrich Resource File
b. 12-28-1902 - Mortimer Adler, author, philosopher, educator Mortimer Adler Resource File
b. 12-28-1903 - Earl Hines, Jazz musician Earl Hines Resource File
b. 12-28-1903 - John von Neumann, mathematician John von Neumann Resource File
b. 12-28-1929 - Maarten Schmidt, astronomer Maarten Schmidt Resource File
b. 12-28-1932 - Nichelle Nichols, actress Nichelle Nichols Resource File
b. 12-28-1955 - Liu Xiaobo, 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Liu Xiaobo Resource File

d. 12-29-1170 - Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury - murdered Thomas Becket Resource File
b. 12-29-1800 - Charles Goodyear, inventor Charles Goodyear Resource File
b. 12-29-1876 - Pablo Casals, musician Pablo Casals Resource File
• 12-29-1845 - Texas, 28th State Texas Facts
b. 12-29-1879 - Billy Mitchell, aviation Billy Mitchell Resource File
b. 12-29-1893 - Vera Mary Brittain, author Vera Mary Brittain Resource File
b. 12-29-1927 - John Howard Yoder, theologian, pacificist John Howard Yoder Resource File
b. 12-29-1952 - Gelsey Kirkland, ballerina Gelsey Kirkland Resource File

b. 12-30-1865 - Rudyard Kipling, author Rudyard Kipling Resource File
b. 12-30-1928 - Bo Diddley, musician Bo Diddley Resource File
b. 12-30-1975 - Tiger Woods, athlete Tiger Woods Resource File

d. 12-31-1384 - John Wycliffe, theologian John Wycliffe Resource File
b. 12-31-1491 - Jacques Cartier, explorer Jacques Cartier Resource File
b. 12-31-1514 - Andreas Vesalius, anatomist & artist Andreas Vesalius Resource File
b. 12-31-1720 - Prince Charles Edward Stuart Prince Charles Edward Stuart Resource File
b. 12-31-1748 - Marie-Olympe de Gouges, activist & author Marie-Olympe de Gouges Resource File
b. 12-31-1805 - Countess Maria d'Agoult, author Countess Maria d'Agoult Resource File
b. 12-31-1868 - Henri Matisse, artist CP Links for Learning - Matisse
b. 12-31-1851 - Frederick Selous, explorer Frederick Selous Resource File
b. 12-31-1880 - George C. Marshall, military & statesman George Marshall Resource File
b. 12-31-1880 - Pola Negri, actress Pola Negri Resource file
b. 12-31-1881 - Max Pechstein, Expressionist artist Max Pechstein Resource File
b. 12-31-1905 - Frank Marshall Davis, journalist Frank Marshall Davis Resource File
b. 12-31-1930 - Jaime Escalante, math teacher Jaime Escalante Resource File
b. 12-31-1930 - Odetta, folk singer Odetta Resource File
b. 12-31-1940 - Crystal Lee Sutton, union organizer (Norma Rae) Crystal Lee Sutton Resource File
December Facts & Tidbits

Peace on Earth, Art PrintDecember, 12th month of the year, name comes from the Latin decem for "ten", because December was the tenth month in the Roman calendar until January and February were added. Decem is the basic word for the decimal system, and a dime=10¢ or 1/10th of 100¢).

Astrological Signs Astrology
Sagittarius: Nov 22 - Dec 21 Sagittarius poster
Sagittarius, the Archer Ecard
mutable, fire, universal; “I seek,” philosophic, fun-loving, adventurous, blundering, wanderlust, scattered, hips/thighs; free, straightforward, careless.
Capricorn: Dec 22 - Jan 19 Capricorn poster
Capricorn, the Goat Ecard
cardinal, earth, universal; “I build,” ambitious, cautious, authoritative, cunning, competent, stable, saturnine, knees/skeleton; prudent, cautious, suspicious.

Turquoise is the traditional birthstone of December, signifies good fortune, success.
Blue Topaz and zircons are modern alternative birthstones of December.

Minerals Chart Art Print

Birthstones (U of Washington)
Turquoise Resource File
Topaz Resource File

• Paper Whites

flower posters Paper Whites Resource File
Holly Resource File
Poinsettia Resource File

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