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Medical Cartoons Calendars
Medical Cartoons Calendars

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Notable Health Care Givers: Physicians & Nurses: “Ca...-Ce...-”
educational posters for health classrooms, homeschoolers and professional offices.

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Notable physicians and nurses ~

Helen Caldicott
Alexis Carrel

Lillian Carter
Edith Cavell


Doctor Helen Caldicott, Photographic Print
Doctor Helen Caldicott, Photographic Print

Helen Caldicott
b. 1938; Australia

Helen Caldicott is a “physician, author, and anti-nuclear advocate who has founded several associations dedicated to opposing the use of depleted uranium munitions, nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons proliferation, war and military action in general”.

She was also active with Physicians for Social Responsibility. Currently she hosts a weekly radio program, If You Love This Planet.

If You Love This Planet: A Plan to Save the Earth (book)
peace education posters

Alexis Carrel, French Surgeon and Biologist 1912 Nobel Prizewinner, Photographic Print
Alexis Carrel, French Surgeon and Biologist, Photographic Print

Alexis Carrel
b. 6-28-1873; France
d. 11-5-1944

Alexis Carrel, French surgeon, biologist and eugenicist, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1912. Aviator Charles Lindbergh worked with Carrel in developing the machinery that could keep organs functions for weeks outside the human body. Carrel was also a member of the most collaborationist party during World War II Vichy France.

The Immortalists: Charles Lindbergh, Dr. Alexis Carrel, and Their Daring Quest to Live Forever by David M. Friedman

Lillian Carter
Lillian Carter

Lillian Carter, née Bessie Lillian Gordy
b. 8-15-1898; Richland, GA
d. 10-30-1983; Ameriicua, GA (cancer)

Lillian Carter, best remembered as Miss Lillian, the mother of former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, was also a life long social activist and humanitarian expressed primarily through her nursing work in her home state of Georgia.

She volunteered as a nurse at age 19 for the U.S. Army in 1917 (the program was cancelled before she serve), and as a Peace Corps volunteer in India at age 68.

Away From Home: Letters to My Family by Lillian Carter
peace education posters

WWI Nurse Edith Cavell is Executed by the Germans for Helping Allied Troops, Giclee Print
Nurse Edith Cavell,
Giclee Print

Edith Cavell
b. 12-4-1865; Norfolk, England
d. 10-12-1915; Belgium

Edith Cavell was a nurse and the matron of a Brussels, Belgium hospital taken over by the Red Cross at the outbreak of WWI. She was executed by a German firing squad for aiding allied soldier's escapes from occupied Belgium to neutral Netherlands.

Celsus, Giclee Print
Giclee Print

b. c. 25 BC; Roman Empire
d. c. 50

Aulus Cornelius Celsus is often considered a physician; he certainly is someone who is remembered for his scholarly comprehensive written compendium, De Medicina, on diet, pharmacy, surgery and related fields.

Celsus quote ~
• “There is no legal obligation to perform impossibilities.”

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