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Medical Cartoons Calendars

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Human Body Models

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Health Care Practitioners Posters: Physicians & Doctors: “W...-”
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Notable physicians and nurses ~

Faye Waddleton
Mary Edwards Walker
Justine Wanger

Walt Whitman
Daniel Hale Williams

William Carlos Williams
Leonard Wood

Life on the Line by Faye Wattleton
Life on the Line
by Faye Wattleton

Faye Wattleton
b. 7-8-1943; St. Louis, MO

Faye Wattleton, the daughter of a fundamentalist Church of God preacher, became a nurse-midwife in Harlem, the director of the Planned Parenthood office in Dayton, Ohio, and later president of national Planned Parenthood from 1978 to 1992.

Dr. Mary Walker, Only Female Recipient, with Medal of Honor Awarded Service During the Civil War, Photographic Print
Dr. Mary Walker,
Civil War Surgeon,
Photographic Print

Mary Edwards Walker
b. 11-26-1832; Oswego, NY
d. 2-21-1919

Civil War surgeon, Mary Walker, the only female recipient of the Medal of Honor awarded in the American Civil War, was also a feminist, abolitionist, prohibitionist, POW and alleged spy.

Justine Johnstone Photograph, Vanity Fair
Justine Johnstone
Vanity Fair,
December 1920

Justine Wanger, née Johnstone
b. 1-31-1895; Englewood, NJ
d. 9-4-1982; Santa Monica, CA

Justine Johnstone was a stage and silent screen actress, and Follies girl. After her retirement from the stage, and a divorce, she attended Columbia University becoming a pathologist. As Dr. Wanger she was an expert on syphilis and part of the team that developed the modern intravenous drip technique.

Johnstone attended the Emma Willard School in Troy, NY; other notable students at the school included Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Walt Whitman, Photographic Print
Walt Whitman,
Photographic Print

Walt Whitman
b. 5-31-1819; Long Island, NY
d. 3-26-1892; Camden, NJ

Poet Walt Whitman served as a battlefield nurse in the American Civil War.

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Daniel Hale Williams
Daniel Hale Williams

Daniel Hale Williams
b. 1-18-1856; Hollidaysburg, PA
d. 8-4-1931; Idlewild, MI (stroke)

Daniel Hale Williams was the first African-American cardiologist. He is attributed with performing the first successful surgery on the heart; he also founded Provident Hospital, the first non-segregated hospital in the United States.

Latino Writers- William Carlos Williams Wall Poster
William Carlos Williams, Photographic Print

William Carlos Williams
b. 9-17-1883; NJ
d. 3-4-1963

Pediatrician and general practitioner of medicine, William Carlos Williams, is better remembered as a poet.

William Carlos Williams in the Latino Writers posters

Leonard Wood Print
Leonard Wood

Leonard Wood
b. 10-9-1860; Winchester, NH
d. 8-7-1927; Boston, MA (surgery for brain tumor)

Physician, lawyer and soldier Leonard Wood, who served as Chief of Staff of the United States Army, and as personal physician to Presidents Grover Cleveland and William McKinley, is best remembered today as the namesake of Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.

Wood was also friends with Theodore Roosevelt (well before the Spanish-American War), and was a candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 1920. Wood was descended from four Mayflower families.

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