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Medical Cartoons Calendars
Medical Cartoons Calendars

Human Body Models
Human Body Models

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Health Care Practitioners Posters: Physicians & Doctors: “Me...-Mu...-”
for health classrooms, homeschoolers and professional offices.

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Notable physicians and nurses ~

Friedrich Anton Mesmer
Maria Montessori

W. T. G. Morton

Samuel Mudd

Portrait of Friedrich Anton Mesmer the Austrian Physician and Founder of Mesmerism, Giclee Print
Friedrich Anton Mesmer,
Giclee Print

Friedrich Anton Mesmer
b. 5-23-1734; Swabia
d. 3-15-1815

Friedrich Anton Mesmer, the physician and founder of Mesmerism.

Maria Montessori, portrait by Ernst Ulmer

Dr. Maria Montessori, Global PathMarker

“Within the child lies
the fate of the future.”
Maria Montessori

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William Thomas Green Morton American Dentist Who Developed the Use of Ether, Giclee Print
William Thomas
Green Morton,
Giclee Print

William Thomas Green Morton
b. 8-9-1819; Massachusetts
d. 7-15-1868; NYC

Dentist William Thomas Green Morton, developed the use of ether.

dental anatomy posters

His Name Is Still Mudd: The Case Against Doctor Samuel Alexander Mudd
His Name Is
Still Mudd: The Case Against Doctor Samuel Alexander Mudd

Samuel Mudd
b. 12-20-1833; Charles County, MD
d. 1-10-1883

Samuel Mudd set the broken leg of John Wilkes Booth in the assassination events of President Lincoln. He was convicted and imprisoned for aiding and conspiring with Booth, being pardoned by Andrew Jackson in 1869. During his imprisonment he helped with prisoners during a yellow fever outbreak.

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