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1,000 Places to See Before You Die Calendars
Travel Calendars

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Map Wall Murals

Name That Country Game
Name That Country Game


Geopgraphy Bee
The Geography
Bee Complete Preparation Handbook

National Geography Bee
National Geography Bee Official Study Guide

Don't Know Much About Geography
Don't Know Much About Geography

Handy Geography Answer Book
Handy Geography Answer Book

Geography Coloring Book
Geography Coloring Book

Mapping the World by Heart
Mapping the World by Heart

If the World Were a Village
If the World
Were A Village

The Global Puzzle
The Global Puzzle

Geography: Realms, Regions and Concepts
Geography: Realms, Regions and Concepts

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Earth's Population

Geography Terms Poster
Geography Terms

According to Hindu Belief the Earth is Supported on Elephants Standing on a Tortoise
Earth Supported by
Elephants Standing
on a Tortoise,
Hindu Mythology

Geography is the scientific study of the Earth's physical features, resources, climate, and human interventions. The word geography derives from the Greek words “geo” (Earth) and “graphy” (“to write,” as in “to describe”).

Knowing that three fourths of the Earth's surface is covered by oceans and half the land area is inhospitable due to mountains or deserts, underscores the importance of georgraphic study for understanding how “place” affects our world outlook and actions.

Geography study is an essential part of conscious ‘in-forming’ of individuals about place and time in relation to one another for the creative process and survival of humankind on Earth.

The Creative Process Geography pages juxtapose allegorical and scientific images and illustrations to prompt learning across disciplines and provide access to supplemental and enrichment materials for the geography, history, the Earth sciences and social studies classrooms.

Vctoria Falls Poster - Africa

Africa Posters
Africa is the second largest continent, and the third most populous, on Earth.

Antarctic Grotto Poster

Antarctica Posters
Antarctica is the name for the landmass surrounding the Earth's South Pole. The name indicates the opposite of arctic, or the North Pole.

Asia from Space Poster

Asia Posters
Asia, the largest continent on Earth, is defined by subtracting Europe and Africa from the great land mass of Africa-Eurasia.

Satellite Map of Australia Poster

Australia Posters
Australia, both Earth's smallest continent and the 6th largest nation, is in the Southern Hemisphere.

Western Europe from Space Wall Poster

Europe Posters
Europe, usually considered the Earth's second smallest continent, is physically (geology and geography) a peninsula forming the western most part of Eurasia.

Americas from Space Poster

The Living Americas -
The Americas, often referred to as the "New World", are the continents occupying the western hemisphere of Earth.

Middle East: States In Turmoil Map 1991, Giclee Print

Middle East Posters

The term Middle East defines a cultural area and is a subregion of Africa-Eurasia comprising the lands around the southern and eastern parts of the Mediterranean Sea and extending from the eastern Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf.

Earth at Night Poster
Earth at Night Art Print

Satellite based image
of the glowing lights
cities generate at night.

World Cities Posters

A city is defined as “an urban area of high population density with some degree of self-government”, differentiated from towns, villages, and hamlets by size, importance or legal status.

A Map of the National Park System in the United States, Photographic Print
Map United States
National Park System

National Parks
Reserves of land and/or sea set aside for “public use, resort, and recreation”.

Africa Poster

Continents Poster Series
Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe, Antarctic, Australia

Satellite Physical Map of The World

Maps Posters & Charts
satellite images, topographical, political, vintage.

Earth is Supported on Elephants Standing on a Tortoise, Giclee Print
Earth Supported by
Elephants Standing
on a Tortoise,
Giclee Print

According to Hindu mythology Vishnu, in his second incarnation, becomes a tortoise supporting Mount Mandara so the gods can churn the cosmic ocean for the drink of immortality.

• see Wikipedia for “Turtles all the way down”.

Hands Cupping Earth, Art Print
Hands Cupping
the Earth,
Art Print

Hands Cupping Earth

environment posters
Teilhard de Chardin posters

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