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Famous opera singers, vocalists ~

Emma Abbott
Aino Ackte

Anna Maria Alberghetti

Marian Anderson

Advertisement for "Romeo and Juliet", Starring Emma Abbott, Grand Opera Company, Giclee Print
Advertisement for “Romeo and Juliet”,
Giclee Print

Emma Abbott
b. 12-9-1850; Chicago, IL
d. 1-5-1891; Salt Lake City, UT

Soprano Emma Abbot formed her own “Grand Opera Company” and toured the U.S.

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Aino Ackte Finnish Opera Singer Seen Here in 1900 in the Role of Herwine in la Cloche du Rhin, Giclee Print
Aino Ackte,
as Herwine in
La Cloche du Rhine,
Giclee Print

Aino Ackté
b. 7-23-1876; Helsinki, Finland
d. 8-8-1944; Vhti, Finland (pancreatic cancer)

Aino Ackté, Finnish opera soprano, sang with the NY Metropolitan Opera between 1904-1906

Ackté created the title role of Richard Strauss's Salome at its local premieres in Leipzig (1907) and London (1910), and he considered her the “one and only Salome”. Also Jean Sibelius dedicated his tone poem Luonnotar to Ackté.

FYI ~ la Cloche du Rhin is The Bell of the Rhine.

Aino Ackte : Recordings 1902-1913 (1913)
Internet Archive

Italian Lyric Soprano Anna Maria Alberghetti Preparing for Her American Debut at Carnegie Hall, Photographic Print, Eisenstaedt
Lyric Soprano Anna Maria Alberghetti
Photographic Print

Anna Maria Alberghetti
b. 5-15-1936; Pesaro, Italy

Anna Maria Alberghetti was a child prodigy, born into a family of musicians, making her debut at Carnegie Hall at the age of 13. She won a Tony Award as Best Musical Actress for Carnival! (1962), and appeared in many movies and many times on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Marian Anderson, Photographic Print
Marian Anderson,
Photographic Print

Marian Anderson
b. 2-27-1897; Philadelphia, PA
d. 4-8-1993; Oregon

In 1939 African-American contralto Marian Anderson performed an Easter Sunday concert to 70,000 at the Lincoln Memorial and a nationwide radio audience, at the suggestion of Eleanor Roosevelt, when the Daughters of the American Revolution denied Anderson performing to an integrated audience at Constitution Hall.

women in music posters
Marian Anderson African American Women Bio

Marian Anderson singing Elegie (Jules Massenet) with Franz Rupp (piano).
Internet Archive

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