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April Observances: poster links resource links
Holocaust Remembrance Month Holocaust posters Holocaust Martyrs' & Heroes
U.S. Holocaust Museum
Mathematics Education Month

number posters
famous mathematicians

Mathematics Education
Poetry Month poetry posters
Guitar Month guitar posters The History of the Guitar
Jazz Appreciation Month Golden Age of Jazz posters Smithsonian Jazz
Gardening Month botany posters National Gardening Association
Child Abuse Prevention Month peace posters
Frog Month amphibians posters Types & Characteristics of Frogs
Welding Month vocational posters History of Welding
Alcohol Awareness Month dangers of alcohol poster Alcohol & Drug Information
Anxiety Month health practitioners poster Anxiety Disorders Assoc of America
Stress Awareness Month " Dept of Defense Stress Awareness
Autism Awareness Month " Autism Society of America
Counseling Awareness Month " American Counseling Association
Occupational Therapy Awareness Month vocational education posters American Occupational Therapy Association
STD Awareness Month STD poster American Social Health Association
Zoo & Aquarium Month also found proclaimed to be June by President Reagan in 1982 animals posters American Zoo & Aquarium Assoc.
First Week of April
National Public Health Week health posters American Public Health Assoc.
World Health Day health posters World Health Organization (WHO)
Week of the Young Child Montessori posters National Association for the Education of the Young Child
Second Week of April
Astronomy Week - between mid April & mid May near or before 1st quarter moon
astronomy posters Astronomical League
Library Week literature posters American Library Association
Third Week of April
Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week peace posters

ASPCA - American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Human Society of America

Fourth Week of April
Administrative Professionals Week/Day
4th week of April / Wednesday
vocational posters
women posters
IAAP - International Association of Administrative Professionals
April Holidays
April 1 - All Fool's Day Fool poster April Fool's Day Lesson Plan
April 2 - International Children's Book Day (Hans Christian Andersen B-Day) children posters International Children's Book Day
April 7 - World Health Day health posters World Health Organization (WHO)
3-24 Palm Sunday 2013 / Sunday before Easter Christianity posters Religion & Ethics BBC site
3-14 to 4-22, 2014 - Passover, which begins on the 15th day of Nisan in the Jewish calendar, commemorates the Exodus and freedom of the Israelites from ancient Egypt.
(April 3-11-2015)
Judaism posters Judaism 101
b. Gautama Buddha celebrated eighth day of the fourth month in the Chinese calendar Buddhism posters Wesak Flower Festival- Celebration of Buddha's Birth & Enlightenment

4-18 Good Friday 2014
(4-3-15; 3-25-16; 4-14-17)
Christianity posters
4-20, Easter Sunday 2014
(4-5-2015; 3-27-16; 4-16-17)
Christianity posters
April 13, 14, or 15- Baisakhi, Hindu Solar New Year Hinduism posters Baisakhi - Birth of the Khalsa
April 23 literature posters World Book & Copyright Day - UNESCO
April 20-May 2 Ridvån, Bahåi Faith World's Religions posters The Bahåi World
Arbor Day
Proclaimed last Friday in April, local observances based on climate.
trees posters National Arbor Day Foundation
April 30 - Walpurgis Night, the eve of May Day

Old pagan festival similar to Halloween (All Hallow's Eve)

April Notable Dates
d. 4-1-1204 - Eleanor of Aquataine Eleanor of Aquataine Resource File
b. 4-1-1578 - Dr. William Harvey, scientist William Harvey Resource File
b. 4-1-1697 - Abbé Prévost, author & priest Abbé Prévost Resource File
b. 4-1-1809 - Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, author Gogol Resource File
b. 4-1-1820 - Felix Nadar, photographer & aviator Felix Nadar Resource File
b. 4-1-1862 - Edwin Austin Abbey, artist Edwin Austin Abbey Resource File
b. 4-1-1866 - Sophonisba Breckinridge, activist Sophonisba Breckinridge Resource File
b. 4-1-1866 - Ferruccio Benvenuto Busoni, pianist Ferruccio Benvenuto Busoni Res. File
b. 4-1-1869 - Edmond Rostand, author Edmond Rostand Resource File
b. 4-1-1873 - Sergei Rachmaninov, composer Sergei Rachmaninov Resource File
b. 4-1-1895 - Alberta Hunter, singer Alberta Hunter Resource File
b. 4-1-1908 - Abraham Maslow, humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow Resource File
d. 4-1-1917 - Scott Joplin, musician Scott Joplin Resource File
b. 4-1-1929 - Milan Kundera, author Milan Kundera Resource File
b. 4-1-1929 - Jane Powell, dancer & actress Jane Powell Resource File
b. 4-1-1940 - Wangari Maathai, activist & 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Wangari Maathai Resource File

• 4-2/8-1513 - Juan Ponce de Leon arrival in what is known as Florida Florida Heritage Collection
b. 4-2-1647 - Anna Maria Sibylla Merian, botantist Anna Maria Sibylla Merian Bio
b. 4-2-1805 - Hans Christian Andersen, author Hans Christian Andersen Resource File
b. 4-2-1840 - Emile Zola, author
Emile Zola Resource File
b. 4-2-1862 - Nicholas Murray Butler, educator & Nobel Peace Prize Nicholas Murray Butler Resource File
b. 4-2-1892 - Rudolf Bockelmann, baritone Rudolf Bockelmann Resource File
b. 4-2-1905 - Serge Lifar, ballet dancer Sergei Lifar Resource File
b. 4-2-1908 - Buddy Ebsen, dancer & actor Buddy Ebsen Resource File
b. 4-2-1939 - Marvin Gaye, musician Marvin Gaye Resource File

b. 4-3-1593 - George Herbert, metaphysical poet George Herbert Resources File
b. 4-3-1755 - Simon Kenton, explorer Simon Kenton Resources File
b. 4-3-1783 - Washington Irving, author Washington Irving Bio
b. 4-3-1798 - Charles Wilkes, explorer Charles Wilkes Resources File
b. 4-3-1822 - Edward Everett Hale, author Edward Everett Hale Resource File
b. 4-3-1822 - John Burroughs, conservationist & author John Burroughs Resource File
b. 4-3-1863 - Henry van de Velde, architect Henry van de Velde Resource File
b. 4-3-1926 - Virgil “Gus” Grissom, astronaut Virgil Grissom Resource File
b. 4-3-1934 - Jane Goodall, scientist Jane Goodall Resource File
b. 4-3-1967 - Cat Cora, chef Cat Cora Resource File

d. 4-4-1617 - John Napier, mathematician John Napier Resource File
b. 4-4-1692 - Giuseppe Tartini, violinist Giuseppe Tartini Resource File
b. 4-4-1780 - Edward Hicks, Quaker minister & artist Edward Hicks Resource File
b. 4-4-1785 - Bettina von Arnim, author Bettina von Arnim Resource File
b. 4-4-1802 - Dorothea Dix, reformer Voice for the Mad:
The Life of Dorothea Dix
b. 4-4-1809 - Benjamin Peirce, mathematician Benjamin Peirce Resource File
b. 4-4-1828 - Margaret Oliphant, author Margaret Oliphant Resource File
b. 4-4-1868 - Philippa Garrett Fawcett, mathematician & educator Philippa Fawcett Resource File
b. 4-4-1869 - Mary Colter, architect Mary Colter Resource File
b. 4-4-1896 - Robert E. Sherwood, playwright Robert E. Sherwood Resource File
b. 4-4-1899 - Sigurd F. Olson, environmentalist Siguard F. Olsen Resource File
b. 4-4-1908 - Antony Tudor, choreographer & dancer Antony Tudor Resource File
b. 4-4-1913 - Muddy Waters, musician Muddy Waters Resource File
b. 4-4-1928 - Maya Angelou, author CP Links for Learning - Angelou

b. 4-5-1588 - Thomas Hobbes, philosopher Thomas Hobbes Resource File
b. 4-5-1732 - Jean-Honore Fragonard, artist Jean-Honore Fragonard Resource File
b. 4-5-1804 - Matthias Jakob Schleiden, botanist Matthais Scheiden Resource File
b. 4-5-1827 - Dr. Joseph Lister, scientist Joseph Lister Resource File
b. 4-5-1837 - Algernon Charles Swinburne, poet Algernon Charles Swinburne Resource File
b. 4-5-1856 - Booker T. Washington, educator CP Links for Learning - B. T. Washington
b. 4-5-1908 - Bette Davis, actress Bette Davis Resource File
• 4-5-1930 - Salt March, India CP Links for Learning - Gandhi
b. 4-5-1949 - Judith Resnik, astronaut & electrical engineer Judith Resnick Resource File

b. 4-6-1483 - Raphael, artist Raphael Resource File
b. 4-6-1798 - James Beckwourth, explorer James Beckwourth Resource File
b. 4-6-1890 - Anthony Fokker, aviator Anthony Fokker Resource File
b. 4-6-1911 - Feodor Lynen, biologist Feodor Lynen Resource File

d. 4-7-1614 - El Greco, artist El Greco Resource File
b. 4-7-1770 - William Wordsworth, poet Wm Wordsworth Bio
b. 4-7-1772 - Charles Fouier, utopian socialist & philosopher Charles Fourier Resource File
b. 4-7-1803 - Flora Tristan, suffragette Flora Tristan Resource File
• 4-7-1805 - Lewis & Clark break winter camp with Mandans, continue west Lewis & Clark Resource File
b. 4-7-1881 - Daisy Ashford, author Daisy Ashford Resource File
b. 4-7-1884 - Bronislaw Malinowski, anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski Resource File
b. 4-7-1889 - Gabriela Mistral, poet, teacher, activist Gabriela Mistral Resource File
b. 4-7-1890 - Marjory Stoneman Douglas, environmentalist & author Majory Stoneman Douglas Resource File
b. 4-7-1915 - Billie Holliday, singer Billie Holliday Resource File
b. 4-7-1915 - Yul Brynner, actor Yul Brynner Resource File
b. 4-7-1920 - Ravi Shankar, musician Ravi Shankar Resource File
b. 4-7-1931 - Daniel Ellsburg, peace activist Daniel Ellsburg Resource File
• 4-7-1943 - First synthesis of LSD, lysergic acid diethylamide, by Albert Hofman LSD Resource File
b. 4-7-1969 - The Internet's symbolic birth - publication of RFC 1. Internet History Resource File
• 4-7-1983 - 1st Space Shuttle Space Walk STS-6 Resource File

b. 4-8-563 BC - Gautama Buddha
b. 4-8-1827 - Barbara Bodichon, educator & feminist Barbara Bodichon Resource File
b. 4-8-1859 - Edmund Husserl, philosopher Edmund Husserl Resource File
b. 4-8-1885 - Blanche Stuart Scott, aviator Blanche Stuart Scott Resource File
b. 4-8-1886 - Lily Elsie, actress Lily Elsie Resource File
b. 4-8-1892 - Richard Neutra, architect Richard Neutra Resource File
b. 4-8-1912 - Sonja Henie, figure skater Sonja Henie Resource File
• 4-8-1913 - 17th Amendment- Direct Election of Senators Bill of Rights posters
b. 4-8-1938 - Kofi Annan, diplomat Kofi Annan Resource File
b. 4-8-1955 - Barbara Kingsolver, environmentalist & author Barbara Kingsolver Resource File
• 4-8-2005, Hybrid Solar Eclipse, S. Pacific astronomy posters NASA Eclipse Home Page

d. 4-9-1553 - Francois Rabelais, author & physician Francois Rabelais Resource File
b. 4-9-1806 - Isambard Kingdom Burnel, engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel Resource File
b. 4-9-1821 - Charles Baudelaire, author Charles Baudelaire Resource File
b. 4-9-1830 - Eadweard Muybridge, photographer Eadweard Muybridge Resource File
b. 4-9-1860 - Emily Hobhouse, activist Emily Hobhouse Resource File
• 4-9-1865 - Civil War - Lee Surrenders to Grant at Appomattox, VA Heritage Preservation Services
b. 4-9-1898 - Paul Robeson - actor & singer Paul Robeson Resource File
b. 4-9-1906 - Victor Vasarely, artist Victor Vasarely Resource File
b. 4-9-1919 - J. Presper Eckert, electrical engineer, computer scientist J. Presper Eckert Resource File

b. 4-10-1755 - Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathic physician Samuel Hahnemann Resource File
b. 4-10-1778 - William Hazlitt, author William Hazlitt Resource File
b. 4-10-1794 - Matthew C. Perry, US Navy Matthew C. Perry Resource File
b. 4-10-1806 - Juliette Drouet, actress Juliette Drouet Resource File
d. 4-10-1806 - Horatio Gates, Revolutionary War Horatio Gates Resource File
• 4-10-1815 - Mount Tambora, Indonesia, most violent volcano eruption in recorded history. Mount Tambora Resource File
b. 4-10-1827 - Lew Wallace, author Lew Wallace Resource File
b. 4-10-1882 - Frances Perkins - Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins Resources File
b. 4-10-1930 - Dolores Huerta, activist Dolores Huerta Resources File

b. 4-11-1749 - Christopher Smart, author & poet Christopher Smart Resource File
b. 4-11-1749 - Adélaïde Labille-Guiard, artist Adélaïde Labille-Guiard Resource File
b. 4-11-1755 - James Parkinson, apothocary & surgeon James Parkinson Resource File
b. 4-11-1862 - Charles Evans Hughes, jurist Charles E. Hughes Resource File
b. 4-11-1899 - Percy Lavon Julian, research chemist Percy Lavon Julian Resource File
• 4-11-1947 - Jackie Robinson is the first African American to play in a modern-day Major League Baseball game. CP Links for Learning : Robinson
• 4-11-1968 - Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1968, prohibiting discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of housing. Lyndon B. Johnson Library, Civil Rights Timeline

b. 4-12-1777 - Henry Clay, stateman Henry Clay Resource File
• 4-12-1861 - Confederate batteries opened fire on Ft. Sumter, Charleston, SC
b. 4-12-1884 - Otto Fritz Meyerhof, biologist Otto Fritz Meyerhof Resource File
b. 4-12-1898 - Lily Pons, opera singer Lily Pons Resource File
• 4-12-1961 - First human space flight mission, Vostok 1, sent astronaut Yuri Gagarin to Earth orbit and returned him safely to Earth.
• 4-12-1981 - First Space Shuttle launch, Columbia, STS-1 with John W. Young and Robert Crippin (returns 4-14)

b. 4-13-1743 - Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President Monticello
b. 4-13-1828 - Josephine Butler, activist Josephine Butler Resource File
b. 4-13-1891 - Nella Larsen, author Nella Larsen Resource File
b. 4-13-1892 - Michio Ito, dancer Michio Ito Resource File
b. 4-13-1895 - Olga Rudge, violinist & Ezra Pound's lover Olga Rudge Resource File
b. 4-13-1906 - Samuel Beckett, author Samuel Beckett Resource File
b. 4-13-1901 - Jacques Lacan, psychiatrist Jacques Lacan Resource File
b. 4-13-1902 - Marguerite Henry, author Marguerite Henry Resource File
b. 4-13-1909 - Eudora Welty, author Eudora Welty Resource File
b. 4-13-1933 - Ben Nighthorse Campbell, politician Ben Nighthorse Campbell Resource File
b. 4-13-1949 - Christopher Hitchens, author Christopher Hitcherns Resource File
b. 4-13-1957 - Amy Goodman, journalist & activist Amy Goodman Resource File

b. 4-14-1629 - Christiaan Huygens, astronomer Christiaan Huygens Resource File
d. 4-14-1865 - Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President, Assassinated CP Links for Learning : Lincoln
d. 4-14-1866 - Annie Sullivan, teacher Anne Sullivan Resource File
b. 4-14-1889 - Arnold J. Toynbee, historian & author Arnold J. Toynbee Resource File
b. 4-14-1907 - Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier, dictator & physician Francois Duvalier Resource File
• 4-14/15-1912 - RMS Titanic strikes an iceberg on its maiden voyage - it finishes sinking at about 2:20 am the next day. Titanic Resource File

d. 4-15-1446 - Filippo Brunelleschi, artist & architect Filippo Brunelleschi Resource File
b. 4-15-1452 - Leonardo da Vinci, artist & inventor CP Links for Learning : Da Vinci
b. 4-15-1707 - Leonhard Euler, mathematician Leonard Euler Resource File
b. 4-15-1710 - Marie Anne de Cupis de Camargo, ballet dancer “La Camargo” Resource File
b. 4-15-1786 - Sir John Franklin, explorer John Franklin Resource File
b. 4-15-1800 - James Clark Ross, explorer James Clark Ross Resource File
b. 4-15-1812 - Théodore Rousseau, artist Théodore Rousseau Resource File
b. 4-15-1843 - Henry James, author Henry James Resource File
b. 4-15-1889 - Thomas Hart Benton, artist Thomas Hart Benton Resource File
b. 4-15-1894 - Bessie Smith, singer The Essential Bessie Smith, CD
b. 4-15-1899 - A. Philip Randolph, civil rights activist CP Links for Learning : Randolph
b. 4-15-1904 - Arshile Gorky, artist Arshile Gorky Resource File
b. 4-15-1907 - Nikolaas Tinbergen, zoologist Nikolaas Tinbergen Resource File
b. 4-15-1967 - Dara Torres, swimmer Dara Torres Resource File
• 4-15 U.S. Personal Income Tax Deadline IRS

b. 4-16-1728 - Joseph Black, chemist, professor & physician Joseph Black Resource File
b. 4-16-1755 - Marie Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun, artist Marie Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun Resource File
b. 4-16-1821 - Mary Baker Eddy, theologian Mary Baker Eddy Resource File
b. 4-16-1844 - Anatole France, author Anatole France Resource File
b. 4-16-1867 - Wilber Wright, aviator Wright Brothers Bio
b. 4-16-1871 - John Millington Synge, author John Millington Synge Resource File
b. 4-16-1886 - Margaret Woodrow Wilson, first daughter Margaret Woodrow Wilson Resource File
b. 4-16-1947 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Resource File

b. 4-17-1879 - Agnes Borgo, opera singer Agnes Borgo Bio
b. 4-17-1885 - Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen) author Isak Dinesen Resource File
b. 4-17-1888 - Maggie Teyte, soprano opera singer Maggie Teyte Resource File
b. 4-17-1897 - Thornton Wilder, author Thornton Wilder Society
b. 4-17-1921 - Graciela Rivera, opera singer Graciela Rivera Resource File
• 4-17-1970 - Apollo 13 spacecraft returns to Earth safely. Apollo 13 Resource File

b. 4-18-1480 - Lucrezia Borgia Lucrezia Borgia Resource File
b. 4-18-1773 - Giuseppina Grassini, opera singer Giuseppina Grassini Resource File
• 4-18-1775 - Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott ride to warn of impending arrests of Samuel Adams and John Hancock and seizure of weapons. Only Prescott finishes the ride. Paul Revere Resource File
text The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
b. 4-18-1813 - James McCune Smith, physician James McCune Smith Resource File
b. 4-18-1884 - Frank R. Paul, illustrator Frank R. Paul Resource File
• 4-18-1906- San Francisco Earthquake Earth Process posters San Francisco Earthquake article
d. 4-18-1934 - Loretta Lynn, country singer Loretta Lynn Resource File
d. 4-18-1955 - Albert Einstein, physicist CP Links for Learning - Einstein
b. 4-18-1959 - Susan Faludi, author & journalist Susan Faludi Resource File

b. 4-19-1721 - Roger Sherman, Revolutionary War Roger Sherman Resource File
• 4-19-1775 - American Revolution Battle of Lexington & Concord /Patriots Day (obs. 3rd Monday of April) Minute Man National Historic Park
b. 4-19-1849 - Eva Gonzales, artist Eva Gonzales Resource File
b. 4-19-1868 - Max von Schillings, composer Max von Schillings Resource File
b. 4-19-1912 - Glenn T. Seaborg, chemist Glenn T. Seaborg Resource File
b. 4-19-1932 - Fernando Botero, artist Fernando Botero Resource File
b. 4-19-1932 - Andrea Mead Lawrence, alpine skier Andrea Mead Lawrence Resource File
• 4-19-1995 - Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is bombed, killing 168. Oklahoma City bombing
b. 4-19-1966 - Veronique Gens, soprano opera singer Veronique Gens Resource File

b. 4-20-571 - Muhammad (likely date) Muhammed Resource File
b. 4-20-1745 - Philippe Pinel, “father modern psychiatry” Philippe Pinel Resource File
b. 4-20-1739 - William Bartram, naturalist William Bartram Resource File
d. 4-20-1769 - Chief Pontiac Chief Pontiac Resource File
b. 4-20-1840 - Odilon Redon, painter Odilon Redon Resource File
b. 4-20-1889 - Adolph Hitler, Austria-Hungary
b. 4-20-1893 - Joan Miró, painter Joan Miró Resource File
b. 4-20-1908 - Lionel Hampton, jazz musician Lionel Hampton Resource File
b. 4-20-1939 - Gro Harlem Brundtland, physician & Norgewian PM Gro Harlem Brundtland Resource File
b. 4-20-1945 - Naftali Temu, athlete Naftali Temu Resource File
• 4-20-1999 - Columbine HS Massacre Bowling for Columbine movie poster No Easy Answers: The Truth Behind Death at Columbine

d. 4-21-1109 - Saint Anselm, theologian Saint Anselm Resource File
d. 4-21-1142 - Peter Abelard, theologian & teacher Peter Abelard Resource File
d. 4-21-1488 - Ulrich von Hutten, poet, scholar, reformer Ulrich von Hutten Resource File
d. 4-21-1782 - Friedrich Froebel, educator Friedrich Froebel Resource File
b. 4-21-1816 - Charlotte Brontë, author Brontë Links for Learning
b. 4-21-1838 - John Muir, environmentalist John Muir Resource File
b. 4-21-1864 - Max Weber, historian & sociologist Max Weber Resource File
b. 4-21-1896 - Wilfrid Reid “Wop” May, aviator Wilfrid Reid May Resource File
b. 4-21-1909 - Rollo May, psychologist & author Rollo May Resource File
b. 4-21-1915 - Garrett Hardin, environmentalist Garrett Hardin Resource File
b. 4-21-1926 - Queen Elizabeth II Queen Elizabeth II Resource File
b. 4-21-1931 - Bridget Riley, artist Bridget Riley Resource File
b. 4-21-1939 - Helen Prejean, anti capital punishment activist Helen Prejean Resource File
b. 4-21-1977 - Jamie Sale, figure skater Jamie Sale Resource File

b. 4-22-1451 - Queen Isabella of Castile Queen Isabella of Castile Resource File
b. 4-22-1707 - Henry Fielding, author Henry Fielding : A Literary Life
b. 4-22-1724 - Immanuel Kant, philosopher Immanuel Kant Resource File
Kant: A Very Short Introduction
b. 4-22-1766 - Anne-Louise de Stael, author Anne Louise Germaine de Staël Resource File
d. 4-22-1778 - James Hargreaves, spinning jenny inventor James Hargreaves Resource File
b. 4-22-1813 - Stephen A. Douglas, statesman Stephen Douglas Resource File
b. 4-22-1830 - Emily Davies, activist & educator Emily Davies Resource File
b. 4-22-1830 - J. Sterling Morton, founder of Arbor Day J. Sterling Morton Resource File
b. 4-22-1884 - Otto Rank, psychoanalyst Otto Rank Resource File
b. 4-22-1891 - Nicola Sacco, Italy
b. 4-22-1899 - Vladimir Nabokov, author Vladimir Nabokov Resource File
b. 4-22-1904 - J. Robert Oppenheimer, physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer Resource File
b. 4-22-1912 - Kathleen Ferrier, contralto Kathleen Ferrier Resource File
b. 4-22-1914 - Jan de Hartog, author & pacificist Jan de Hartog Resource File
b. 4-22-1916 - Yehudi Menuhin, violinist Yehuda Menuhin Resource File
b. 4-22-1922 - Charles Mingus, Jazz musician Charles Mingus Resource File
b. 4-22-1922 - Steve Fossett, aviator Steve Fossett Resource File
d. 4-22-1994 - Richard Nixon (b. 1913) White House Bio - Nixon
• 4-22-1970 - First Earth Day celebrated Earth Day: Keeping Our Planet Clean

b. 4-23-1775 - George Anson, explorer George Anson Resource File
b. 4-23-1775 - Joseph M. W. Turner, artist J. M. W. Turner Resource File
b. 4-23-1791 - James Buchanan, 15th US President, 1857-1861 White House Bio- Buchanan
b. 4-23-1804 - Maria Taglioni, ballerina Maria Taglioni Resource File
b. 4-23-1856 - Granville T. Woods, inventor Granville T. Woods Resource File
b. 4-23-1857 - Reggero Leoncavello, composer Reggero Leoncavello Resource File
b. 4-23-1858 - Max Planck, physicist, Noble Prize 1918 Max Planck Resource File
b. 4-23-1858 - Pandita Ramabai, humanitarian activist Pandita Ramabai Resource File
b. 4-23-1880 - Michel Fokine, ballet dancer Michel Fokine Resource File
b. 4-23-1897 - Lester B. Pearson, statesman Lester B. Pearson Resource File
b. 4-23-1902 - Halldor Laxness, author Halldor Laxness Resource File
b. 4-23-1928 - Shirley Temple, actress Shirley Temple Resource File
b. 4-23-1942 - Michael Moore, activist Michael Moore Resource File

d. 4-24-1671 - Francois Vatel, chef Francois Vatel Resource File
d. 4-24-1731 - Daniel Defoe, author Daniel Defoe Resource File
b. 4-24-1774 - Jean Marc Gaspard Itard, physician & educator Jean Marc Garpard Itard Resource File
• 4-24-1800 - Library of Congress founded The Library of Congress
b. 4-24-1815 - Anthony Trollope, author Anthony Trollope Resource File
• 4-24-1847 - Susan Dimock, physician Susan Dimock Resource File
b. 4-24-1904 - Willem de Kooning, artist Willem de Kooning Resource File
b. 4-24-1905 - Robert Penn Warren, author Robert Penn Warren Resource File
b. 4-24-1934 - Shirley MacLaine, actress Shirley MacLaine Resource File
b. 4-24-1942 - Douglas J. Futuyma, ecologist Douglas J. Futuyma Resource File
b. 4-24-1942 - Barbra Streisand, actress Barbra Streisand Resource File
• 4-24-1990 - The Hubble Space Telescope is launched by Space Shuttle Discovery. Hubble Resource File

b. 4-25-1769 - Marc Isambard Brunel, engineer Marc Isambard Brunel Resource File
b. 4-25-1840 (o.s.)- Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, composer Tchaikovsky Resource File
b. 4-25-1868 - John Moisant, aviator John Moisant Resource File
b. 4-25-1873 - Walter de la Mare, author Walter de la Mare Resource File
b. 4-25-1874 - Guglielmo Marconi, scientist & inventor Guglielmo Marconi Resource File
b. 4-25-1900 - Wolfgang Pauli, physicist Wolfgang Pauli Resource File
b. 4-25-1903 - Andrey Kolmogorov, mathematician Andrey Kolmogorov Resource File
b. 4-25-1909 - William L. Pereira, architect William L. Pereira Resource File
b. 4-25-1917 - Ella Fitzgerald, singer CP Links for Learning - Fitzgerald
b. 4-25-1928 - Cy Twombly, artist Cy Twombly Resource File
• 4-25-1945 - The United Nations is organized in San Francisco, California, by 50 nations. peace posters United Nations: The First Fifty Years
• 4-25-1953 - Francis Crick and James D. Watson publish description of the double helix structure of DNA. DNA: The Secret of Life
• 4-25-1959 - The first person now known to have HIV/AIDs enters a hospital. The River: A Journey to the Source of HIV & AIDS

b. 4-26-121 AD. - Marcus Aurelius Marcus Aurelius Resource File
b. 4-26-1564 - William Shakespeare, author CP Links for Learning - Shakespeare
b. 4-26-1711 - David Hume, philosopher David Hume Resource File
b. 4-26-1785 - John James Audubon, ornithologist & artist John James Audubon Resource File
b. 4-26-1798 - Eugène Delacroix, artist Eugène Delacroix Resource File
Eugène Delacroix- Getting to Know the World's Great Artistis
b. 4-26-1822 - Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape architect & journalist Frederick Law Olmsted Resource File
b. 4-26-1886 - “Ma” Rainey, musician “Ma” Rainey Resource File
b. 4-26-1917 - I. M. Pei, architect architecture posters
b. 4-26-1918 - Fanny Blankers-Koen, track star Fanny Blankers-Koen Resource File
b. 4-26-1928 - William Stringfellow, theologian & lawyer William Stringfellow Resource File
b. 4-26-1947 - Donna de Varona, Olympic swimmer Donna de Varona Resource File
• 4-26-1986 - The Chernobyl, Ukraine nuclear plant explodes, creating the world's worst nuclear disaster. Chernobyl Resource File
Voices from Chernobyl

b. 4-27-1495 - Suleiman the Magnificent, sultan Suleiman I Resource File
b. 4-27-1521 - Ferdinand Magella, explorer Ferdinand Magellan Resource File
d. 4-27-1627 - Adriaen Block, explorer Adriaen Block Resource File
b. 4-27-1737 - Edward Gibbon, author & historian Edward Gibbon Resource File
b. 4-27-1759 - Mary Wollstonecraft, author & feminist CP Links for Learning - Wollstonecraft
b. 4-27-1791 - Samuel F.B. Morse, inventor & portrait painter Samuel Morse Resource File
b. 4-27-1820 - Herbert Spencer, anthropologist & author Herbert Spencer Resource File
b. 4-27-1822 - Ulysses S. Grant, 18th US President White House Bio- Grant
b. 4-27-1851 - Alice Morse Earle, historian Alice Morse Earle Resource File
b. 4-27-1882 - Jessie Fauset, author Jessie Fauset Resource File
b. 4-27-1883 - Hubert Harrison, writer & activist Hubert Harrison Resource File
b. 4-27-1891 - Sergei Prokofiev, composer Sergei Prokofiev Resource File
b. 4-27-1927 - Coretta Scott King, civil rights activist Coretta Scott King Resource File
b. 4-27-1945 - August Wilson, playwright August Wilson Resource File

b. 4-28-1758 - James Monroe, 5th US President White House Bio- Monroe
• 4-28-1788 - Maryland Admission Day, 7th Maryland History & Culture
b. 4-28-1838 - Tobias Michael Carel Asser, 1911 Nobel Peace Prize Tobias Michael Carel Asser Resource File
b. 4-28-1870 - Cecil Aldin, artist Cecil Aldin Resource File
b. 4-28-1906 - Kurt Godel, mathematician Kurt Godel Resource File
b. 4-28-1908 - Oskar Schindler Oskar Schindler Resource File
b. 4-28-1926 - Harper Lee, author Harper Lee Resource File
b. 4-28-1928 - Eugene Shoemaker, geologist, planetary science Eugene Shoemaker Resource File
b. 4-28-1944 - Alice Waters, chef Alice Waters Resource File
• 4-28-1947 - Thor Heyerdahl and five crewmates set out from Peru on the Kon-Tiki to prove that Peruvian natives could have settled Polynesia. Thor Heyerdahl Resource File

b. 4-29-1899 - Duke Ellington, composer CP Links for Learning - Ellington
• 4-29/30-1975 - Escape from Vietnam

b. 4-30-1770 - David Thompson, explorer, surveyor, fur trader David Thompson Resource File
b. 4-30-1870 - Franz Lehar, composer Franz Lehar Resource File
b. 4-30-1777 - Carl Friedrich Gauss, mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss Resource File
• 4-30-1803 - Louisiana Purchase
• 4-30-1812 - Louisiana Admission Day
Louisiana History
b. 4-30-1833 - Hortense Schneider, opera singer Hortense Schneider Resource File
b. 4-30-1857 - Eugen Bleuler, psychology Eugen Bleuler Resource File
b. 4-30-1920 - Gerda Lerner, historian & activist Gerda Lerner Resource File
April Facts & Tidbits

April, Picking Flowers, Master Ermengaut, Giclee PrintApril, the fourth month of the year, has the old adage “April showers bring May flowers.” Follow up with the March weather observations through May.

The name April possibly derives from the Latin aperire which means "to open" (aperture), probably referring to growing plants in spring, or from the Etruscan name Apru for Aphrodite.

Do you remember the nursery rhyme “Hey diddle diddle”? It may refer to the month of April when the constellations Leo (cat), Taurus (cattle) and Lyre (fiddle), are visible in the night sky, along with Crater (dish) and the Ursa Major - Big Dipper (spoon). Look at other possible origins.

• “Here cometh April again, and as far as I can see the world hath more fools in it than ever.” ~ Charles Lamb

Astrological Signs Astrology
• Aries: March 19 - April 20

Aries poster
Aries, the Ram Ecard

cardinal, fire, personal; “I want,” action oriented, pioneering, assertive, "me" first, enthusiasm, leader, competitive, selfish, head/brain; assertive, impulsive, head down; imaginative, sensitive, distracted.

• Taurus: April 21 - May 21

Taurus poster
Taurus, the Bull Ecard

fixed, earth, personal; “I have,” sensual, cautious, acquisitive, musical, traditional, stubborn, throat/neck; resourceful, thorough, devoted, indulgent.
Diamond - the hardest known natural material to humans is [a transparent crystal of tetrahedrally bonded carbon atoms”. Minerals Chart Art Print Birthstone (U of Washington)
Diamonds Resource File
Sweet Pea: Good-Bye, Departure, Blissful Pleasure
flower posters Sweet Pea Resource File
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