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Famous dancers and dance teams ~

Shirley MacLaine
Frankie Manning
Mary Martin

Cléo de Mérode
Ann Miller
Marilyn Miller

Lola Montez
Rita Moreno
Arthur Murray

Shirley MacLaine, Photo
Shirley MacLaine,

Shirley MacLaine
b. 4-24-1934; Virginia

Sweet Charity - DVD

Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop
Frankie Manning:
Ambassador of
Lindy Hop

Frankie Manning
b. 5-26-1914; Jacksonville, FL
d. 4-27-2009; NYC

Frankie Manning, a dancer, teacher and choreographer, is remembered as one of the founders of the Lindy Hop, a dance that got its name from aviator Charles Lindbergh's “hop” of the Atlantic Ocean in 1927.

Manning, and his partner Frieda Washington, performed the first air step (an aerial) in a swing dance competition. He also worked with singer/dancer Norma Miller, known as the “Queen of Swing”.

Frankie Manning quote ~
• “I never taught people where to step on '2', because when I learned how to dance there was no '2'. We just danced to the music.”

Black History posters

Actress Mary Martin Gives kids a Flying Lesson in the Broadway Production of Musical "Peter Pan", Photographic Print
Mary Martin
Broadway Production
“Peter Pan”,
Photographic Print

Mary Martin
b. 12-1-1913; Weatherford, TX
d. 11-3-1990; Rancho Mirage, CA

My Heart Belongs
Peter Pan

Antonia Merce "La Argentina", Flamenco Dancer in "Cordoba" by Albeniz, Giclee Print
Antonia Merce y Luque
"La Argentina"
Giclee Print

Antonia Mercé y Luque
“La Argentina”
b. 9-4-1890; Buenos Aires
d. 7-18-1936; France

Flamenco dancer Antonia Merce y Luque, whose stage name was La Argentina, originated and helped to establish the neoclassical style of Spanish dance as a theatrical art. She toured worldwide, often with flamenco guitarist Carlos Montoya.

Ann Miller, Photo Print
Ann Miller,
Photo Print

Ann Miller, née Johnnie Lucille Collier
b. 4-12-1923; Chireno, TX
d. 1-22-2004; Los Angeles, CA

Ann Miller was a child dance prodigy noted for her speed of tap dancing. She had a stellar career in Hollywood musicals as a dancer, singer, and actress in the 1940s and 50s appearing in Kiss Me, Kate, Easter Parade, and On the Town.

Ann Miller: Tops in Taps

Vanity Fair Marilyn Miller Photograp, Print
Vanity Fair Marilyn Miller
Photographic Print

Marilyn Miller (née Mary Ellen Reynolds)
b. 9-1-1898; Evansville, IN
d. 4-7-1936; NYC (complications for sinus surgery)

Marilyn Miller, an accomplished dancer, singer and actress was the most popular Broadway musical stars of the 1920s and 30s. She toured with her family's vaudeville act as a child, and was made a star by Flo Ziegfeld in his Follies of 1918. She constructed her stage name Marilyn from her given first name, her mother's middle name Lynn, and her stepfather. She was so popular that Marilyn became the 16th most common name for girls by 1930.

The Other Marilyn: A Biography of Marilyn Miller

Lola Montez, American Dancer and Adventuress Born in Ireland, Giclee Print
Lola Montez,
Dancer and Adventuress,
Giclee Print

Lola Montez, née Dolores Eliza Roseanna Gilbert
b. 2-17-1821; Ireland
d. 1-17-1861; New York

Lola Montez, the toast of Europe with her acting and exotic dancing, finally entertained miners in places like gold rush era San Francisco and Australia, dying in poverty in New York City at the age of 39.

Actress Rita Moreno Wearing a Turtle Neck Sweater and Slacks walks like a "Sophisticated" Actress, Photographic Print
Actress Rita Moreno
Photographic Print

Rita Moreno
b. 12-11-1931; Puerto Rico

Singer, dancer and actress Rita Moreno is the first and only Hispanic person and one of the few performers who have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. She is the second (first- Jose Ferrer for Cyrano de Bergerac in the 1950) Puerto Rican to win an Academy Award (West Side Story, 1961).

Dance Teacher Arthur Murray, Photographic Print
Dance Teacher
Arthur Murray,
Photographic Print

Arthur Murray
née Moses Teichmann
b. 4-4-1895; Galicia, Austria-Hungary
d. 3-3-1991; Hawaii

Arthur Murray's name is most often associated with the chain of dance studios that he founded in 1938.

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