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Famous dancers and dance teams ~

Lola Falana
Bob Fosse
Eddie Foy, Jr.

Loie Fuller
Samia Gamal
Mitzi Gaynor

Betty Grable
Martha Graham
Charlotte Greenwood

Lola Falana, Photo
Lola Falana,

Lola Falana
b. 9-11-1942; Camden, NJ

Dancer Lola Falana, who was “discovered” by Sammy Davis, Jr., while she was dancing in a nightclub, went on to appear on Broadway, films, and TV. She has multiple sclerosis and no longer dances, spending her time on her ministry of helping children who have been orphaned in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Bob Fosse, 1974, Photographic Print
Bob Fosse, 1974,
Photographic Print

Bob Fosse
b. 6-23-1927; Chicago, IL
d. 9-23-1987; Washington, DC

Dancer, choreographer, and director Bob Fosse, who won eight Tony Awards and was nominated for four Academy Awards, winning for Cabaret, got his start in vaudeville and performing as a ballroom dancer in nightclubs.

Eddie Foy, Jr., Photographic Print
Eddie Foy, Jr.,
Photographic Print

Eddie Foy, Jr.
b. 2-4-1905; New Rochelle, New York
d. 9-23-1987; Woodland Hills, CA

“Song and dance” man Eddie Foy, Jr. was the son of vaudevillian Eddie Foy, Sr. The story of his family was portrayed in the 1955 screen biography The Seven Little Foys.

Study for Loie Fuller at the Folies Bergeres, 1893, Giclee Print
Study for Loie Fuller
at the Folies Bergeres,
1893, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Giclee Print

Marie Louise Fuller
b. 1-15-1862; Hinsdale, IL
d. 1-1-1928; Paris (breast cancer)

Modern dance and theatrical lighting pioneer Loie Fuller (née Marie Louise Fuller) was a regular performer in Paris, and called “La Loie”. She was one of dancers immortalized by Toulouse-Lautrec, and was friends with artists, poets and scientists (like William Butler Yeats, Stephane Mallarme, and Marie Curie) alike, and said to embody the Art Noveau Movement. Fuller also introduced Isadora Duncan to Europe.

Electric Salome: Loie Fuller's Performance of Modernism

Egyptian Dancer Samia Gamal, Thrusting Sidewise to Make a Lassolike Pattern, Giclee Print
Egyptian Dancer Samia Gamal, Thrusting Sidewise to Make a Lassolike Pattern,
Giclee Print

Samia Gamal
née Zaynab Ibrahim Mahfuz
b. 2-22-1922 (or 24); Egypt
d. 12-1-1994; Cairo

Samia Gamal was a belly dancer and film star.

Afrita Hanem (The Genie Lady)

Mitzi Gaynor, Early 1950s, Photographic Print
Mitzi Gaynor,
Photographic Print

Mitzi Gaynor
née Francesca Marlene de Czanyi von Gerber
b. 9-4-1931; Chicago, IL

Actress, singer and dancer Mitzi Gaynor studied ballet as a child and started her show business career as a chorus dancer. She is most remembered as Nellie Forbush in the musical film South Pacific.

Betty Grable, Photo
Betty Grable,

Betty Grable
née Elizabeth Ruth Grable
b. 12-18-1916; St. Louis, MO
d. 7-2-1973; Santa Monica, CA (lung cancer)

Betty Grable started as a chorus girl in 1929, with her mother helping to falsifiy birth records. To promote her legs as the most beautiful in Hollywood the studio insured them for $1,000,000, playing off the 1937 movie Million Dollar Legs.

Choreographer Martha Graham Performing Some of Her Own Work at Mili Studio, Photographic Print
Martha Graham

Martha Graham
b. 5-11-1894; Allegheny, PA
d. 4-1-1991

Martha Graham Dance on Film

Martha Graham - Lucifer Poster
Martha Graham -
Lucifer Poster
Joan Miro artist

Dancer/Comedienne Charlotte Greenwood Performing Her Signature High Kick, Photographic Print
Charlotte Greenwood
Photographic Print

Charlotte Greenwood
b. 6-25-1890; Philadelphia, PA
d. 12-28-1977; Los Angeles

Dancer and actress Charlotte Greenwood was tall, around 6 feet, and known for her very high kicks with her long legs. She played Aunt Eller in the 1955 movie Oklahoma.

Charlotte Greenwood: The Life and Career of the Comic Star of Vaudeville, Radio and Film

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