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Art Career Ideas for Kids Laminated Poster-The word ‘art’ comes from Latin ars and meant skill or craft based on the Indo-European meaning “to arrange”. Today ‘art’ is generally understood to be the results and process of making something that has not existed before and is not a necessity, as in biological survival.

Artistic expression includes writing (language), acting and dance (movement), music (sound), painting, photography & film (light / visual), sculpting and architecture (form & line), and is sometimes differentiated as being “fine” or “applied”. “Fine art” refers to the “purity of the discipline” or purpose; “applied art” refers to objects created for functional and everyday use where the creator of the work may be called a craftsperson.

Exploring the various art processes heightens awareness of art as a whole. While paying intellectual attention to composition and subject matter, do not ignore the physicality and sensory experience of creation.

7 Psychological Functions of Art -
1. Remembering, 2. Hope, 3. Sorrow, 4. Rebalancing, 5. Self-Understanding, 7. Growth (from Art as Therapy by Alain de Botton & John Armstrong)

FYI - March is Youth Art Month, an annual observance emphasizing the value of art education for fostered skills learned through experience in the practice of visual arts that are not addressed in other disciplines offered in the curriculum.

Art Quotes

Twentieth Century Art Masterpieces - The Persistence of Memory

20th Century Masterpieces-
poster series: famous paintings and artist biographies of Dali, Hopper, Kandinsky, Matisse, Miro, O’Keeffe, Picasso, Rothko, Sloan, Van Gogh.

Masterworks of Art - Johannas Vermeer - Young Woman

Masterworks of Art-
poster series: masterpieces and biographies of da Vinci, Bruegel, Cassatt, Degas, Homer, Kahlo, Lawrence, Matisse, Monet, Picasso, Rousseau, Stuart, Toulouse-Lautrec, Rembrandt, Vermeer.

Edouard Manet Wall Poster

The Impressionists-
poster series: reproductions of masterpieces and biographical sketches of artists Manet, Monet, Pissarro and Renoir.

Notable Women Artists - Georgia O'Keeffe - Jack-in-the-Pulpit No. IV Wall Poster

Notable Women Artists-
poster series of Cassatt, Lois Mailou Jones, Kahlo, Morisot, O’Keeffe.

African American Artists - Jacob Lawrence - The Library Wall Poster

African American Artists-
poster series of masterpiece reproductions and biographies of Bannister, Crite, Evans, Hyden, Malvin G. Johnson, William H. Johnson, Lawrence, Woodsey.

Perspective Fine Art Print

Perspective Posters-
selection of posters and art prints to illustrate & study linear perspective.

Paint Palette Photographic Print

gallery of posters and art prints to illustrate and study color, series of “Colors Like...”, Navajo Dye Chart, more...

The Scream by Edvard Munch

“Expressionism”, referring to artistic distortion of reality for emotional effect, focuses on 'angst', and generally refers to European works, primarily German, created as the 19th century ended and the 20th century began, that challenged academic works.

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock Painting No. 32, Springs, Long Island, New York, c.1950, Art Print

Woman Painting a Mandala Design on the Ground, Near Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, Photographic Print
Woman Painting a Mandala Design

online gallery of the symbolic representation through concentric configuration of geometric shapes of the centeredness, balance, and harmony of the cosmos.

African Masks Art Print

online gallery masks from around the world & Mask Making Lesson Plan Ideas

American Ethnology Food Bowl IV
Apache Basketry,
Art Print

Apache Basketry Art Print

• more Native American
• more anthropology posters

Giorgio Vasari, Self Portrait, Giclee Print
Giorgio Vasari,
Self Portrait,
Giclee Print

Giorgio Vasari, Italian architect and painter
b. 7-30-1511; Tuscany
d. 6-27-1574

Vasari, who coined the term “Renaissance”, is noted for his biography of artists where he established five criteria for judging the quality of a painting: 1. good design or draughtmanship - disegno
2. imitation of nature - natura
3. grace - grazi
4. artistic decorum - decoro
5. style of an individual painter or group of artists - maniera

Art Career Ideas for Kids Laminated Poster-
Art Career Ideas for Kids Laminated Poster

Art Career Ideas for Kids

Actor, Advertising Executive, Aerial Photographer, Animator, Antique Dealer, Architect, Archivist, Art Appraiser, Art Librarian, Art Teacher, Artist, Automobile Designer, Cartographer, Cartoonist, Caterer, Chef, Choir Director, Comedian, Exhibit Designer, Film Editor, Interior Decorator, Museum Curator, Music Therapist, Photographer, Piano Teacher, Producer, Screenwriter, Sound Engineer, Vocalist, Writer.

• more career ideas posters

Art is Contemplation, Giclee Print
Art is Contemplation,
Giclee Print

“Art is Contemplation.”
~ Auguste Rodin

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