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Authors, Poets & Novelists ~

Horace Greely
Graham Greene
Grace Greenwood

Germaine Greer
Lady Augusta Gregory

Zane Grey
Brothers Grimm

Horace Greeley American Statesman and Journalist Who Advised Young Men to Go West, Giclee Print
Horace Greeley,
Giclee Print

Horace Greeley
b. 2-3-1811; Amherst, NH
d. 11-29-1872

Newpaper editor Horace Greeley was a founder of the Republican party, reformer and politician. As a supporter of the Homestead Act, he advised young men to “Go West”.

Horace Greeley quotes ~
• “The illusion that times that were are better than those that are, has probably pervaded all ages.”
• “The way we do things is to begin.”
• “Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wings, only one thing endures and that is character.”
• “While boasting of our noble deeds we're careful to conceal the ugly fact that by an iniquitous money system we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery.”

Author Graham Greene Sitting on the Set of "Our Man in Havana.", Photographic Print
Author Graham
Photographic Print

Graham Greene
b. 10-2-1904; Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England
d. 4-3-1991; Vevey, Switzerland

Popular author Graham Greene explored the modern world's moral and political issues through religious themes. Among his novels are The Third Man, Our Man in Havana and Brighton Rock.

Graham Greene quotes ~
• “A solitary laugh is often a laugh of superiority.”
• “Failure too is a form of death.”
• “God created a number of possibilities in case some of his prototypes failed - that is the meaning of evolution.”
• “No human being can really understand another, and no one can arrange another's happiness.”
• “My two fingers on a typewriter have never connected with my brain. My hand on a pen does. A fountain pen, of course. Ball-point pens are only good for filling out forms on a plane.”

The Portable Graham Greene

Grace Greenwood, née Sara Jane Clark, Historic Print
Grace Greenwood,
née Sara Jane Clark, Historic Print

Grace Greenwood
Sara Jane Lippincott, née Clark
b. 9-23-1823; Pompey, NY
d. 4-20-1904; New Rochelle, NY

Sara Jane Lippincott was published under both her maiden and married name and her pseudonym Grace Greenwood. As one of the first women to gain access to the Congressional press galleries she raised questions about social reform and women's rights. She wrote for the New York Times, Saturday Evening Post and the London Journal. Her obituary ran on the front page of the New York Times.

Stories from Famous Ballads by Grace Greenwood

Feminist Author Germaine Greer Speaking in Serious Portrait, Photographic Print
Germaine Greer, Photographic Print

Germaine Greer
b. 1-29-1939; Melbourne, Australia

Writer, academic, journalist and scholar Germaine Greer is widely regarded as one of the most significant feminist voices of the later 20th century with the publication of her controversial book, The Female Eunuch. She regards her goal as ‘women's liberation’ as distinct from ‘equality with men’.

Lady Isabella Augusta Gregory, Irish Writer and Playwright, Based Her Works on Irish Folklore, 1912, Giclee Print
Lady Isabella Augusta Gregory,
Giclee Print

Lady Isabella Augusta Gregory
née Persse
b. 3-15-1852; County Galway, Ireland
d. 5-22-1932; breast cancer

Dramatist and folklorist Augusta, Lady Gregory, cofounded with William Butler Yeats and others, the Irish Literary Theatre and the Abbey Theatre. George Bernard Shaw once called her “the greatest living Irishwoman”.

Lady Gregory quotes ~
• “Well, there's no one at all, they do be saying, but is deserving of some punishment from the very minute of his birth.”
• “If I had not married I should not have learned the quick enrichment of sentences that one gets in conversation; had I not been widowed I should not have found the detachment of mind, the leisure for observation necessary to give insight into character, to express and interpret it. Loneliness made me rich - full, as Bacon says.”

Lady Gregory: Selected Writings

Zane Grey, Historic Print
Zane Grey,
Historic Print

Zane Grey
née Pearl Zane Gray
b. 1-31-1872; Zanesville, OH
d. 10-23-1939; Altadena, CA

Zane Grey is best remembered for his adventure stories of an idealized rugged Old West.

FYI - Grey, who as a child suffered beating from his dentist father, was educated to be a dentist.

Zane Grey quotes ~
• “I am full of fire and passion. I am not ready yet for great concentration and passion.”
• “I see so much more than I used to see. The effect has been to depress and sadden and hurt me terribly.”

The Definitive Zane Grey Collection

Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm, Giclee Print
Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm,
Giclee Print

The Brothers Grimm
b. 1-4-1785 - d. 9-20-1863;
b. 2-24-1786 - d. 12-16-1859
Hanau, Germany

The Grimm Brothers were philologists, combinating the study of literary criticism, history, and linguistics from written historical sources. Though beginning their university studies with law (following their father) the brothers are best known for transcribing and preserving the tales of the peasant classes.

The brothers are also considered as precursors of the German democratic movement. In 1837, they and five of their fellow professors, known as the Göttinger Sieben (The Göttingen Seven), were dismissed from their positions for accusing King Ernest Augustus of Hanover as violating the constitution. (FYI - Ernest Augustus was the uncle of Victoria, who became queen of England in 1837).

Grimms' Tales for Young and Old: The Complete Stories
Engelbert Humperdinck opera Hänsel und Gretel

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