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Ohio Calendars
Ohio Calendars


Ohio Flag
Ohio Map Mousepad

Ohio Flag
Ohio Flag

Famous Ohioans

Sherwood Anderson
Neil Alden Armstrong
Kathleen Battle
George Bellows
Willard H. Bennett
Pauline Betz
Albert J. Beveridge
Mary Ann Bickerdyke
Ambrose Bierce
John Bingham
Erma Bombeck
Louis Bromfield
Bill Boyd / Hopalong Cassidy
William Merriam Burton
Milton Caniff
Nancy Cartwright
John Hessin Clark
John R. Commons
Arthur Holly Compton
Hart Crane
George Armstrong Custer
Dorothy Dandridge
Charles G. Dawes
Doris Day
Clarence Seward Darrow
Ruby Dee
Rita Dove
Hugh Downs
Paul Lawrence Dunbar
Thomas Alva Edison
Harlan Ellison
John Evans
Suzanne Farrell
Clark Gable
James A. Garfield (P)
Cass Gilbert
Lillian Gish
John Herschel Glenn
Ulysses S. Grant (P)
Zane Grey
Charles Martin Hall
Warren G. Harding (P)
Rutherford Hayes (P)
Benjamin Harrison (P)
William Henry Harrison (P)
Robert Henri
Avery Hopwood
William Dean Howells
Fannie Hurst
John Jay
Philip Johnson
Charles F. Kettering
Thomas Kuhn
Kenesaw Mountain Landis
Maya Lin
Dean Martin
Robert McCloskey
William McKinley (P)
Toni Morrison
George W. Norris
Paul Newman
Jack Nicklaus
Annie Oakley
Richard F. Outcault
Norman Vincent Peale
Roy J. Plunkett
Tyrone Power
Judith Resnik
Eddie Rickenbacker
Roy Rogers
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
Wm. Tecumseh Sherman
Steven Spielberg
Lyman Spitzer
Gloria Steinem
R. L. Stein
William H. Taft (P)
Donalee L. Tabern
Lowell Thomas
Norman Thomas
James Thurber
Ted Turner
Ernest H. Volwiler
Victoria Woodhull
Granville T. Woods
Orville & Wilbur Wright
John Howard Yoder
Cy Young

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State Birds
State Flowers
State Insects
State Trees

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Ohio Posters, Art Prints, Photographs, Maps, & Calendars
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Ohio from Space Art Print
Ohio from Space
Art Print

40°30'0"N 82°30'0"W

State Bird : Cardinal
State Flower : Red Carnation
State Insect : Ladybug
State Tree : Buckeye
State Capital : Columbus
State Motto: “With God All Things Are Possible.”
Ohio Map by county.
US Census Bureau
All About Ohio

Ohio, known as the “Buckeye State”, joined the Union on March 1, 1803 as the 17th state. The word ‘ohio’ is from the Iroquois ohi-yo' for “good river”.

Ohio, in the East North Central Region, is bordered on the northwest by Michigan and Lake Erie to the north, the east by Pennsylvania, the Ohio River on the south with West Virginia to the southeast and Kentucky to the southwest, and Indiana to the west.

FYI ~ Ohio is called “The Mother of Presidents” for the eight United States Presidents either born or lived in Ohio. And did you know 23 astronauts — the most of any state — are from Ohio?

Ohio Flag, Art Print
Ohio Flag,
Art Print

Ohio State Capitol, Columbus Art Print
Ohio State Capitol, Columbus
Art Print

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Ohio State Buckeyes - Ohio Stadium, Art Print
Ohio State Buckeyes -
Ohio Stadium,
Art Print

Ohio's Flag, Bird, Capitol Art Print
Ohio's Flag, Bird, Capitol Art Print

Cincinnati from Space - ©Spaceshots Art Print
Cincinnati from Space
Art Print

Cleveland from Space - ©Spaceshots Art Print
Cleveland from Space
Art Print

Cincinnati, founded in 1788, was so named after the Society of the Cincinnati which honored General George Washington, who was considered a latter day Cincinnatus, the Roman farmer who was called to serve Rome as dictator and resigned appropriately after he completed his assigned task.

The present day city of Cleveland, on the shores of Lake Erie, was marked as “Cleaveland” by surveyors for the Connecticut Land Company laying out Connecticut's Western Reserve into townships in 1796, after their leader General Moses Cleaveland.

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Greetings from Ohio Art Print
Greetings from Ohio
Art Print

Tri-State View, Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio Art Print
Tri-State View, Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio
Art Print

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Red Carnation Art Print
Red Carnation
Art Print

Scarlet Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) the State Flower of Ohio, is also associated with the month of January. Carnations are native to the Near East and have been cultivated for the last 2,000 years.

The carnation is used to express love, fascination, and distinction and was one of the flowers used in the Greek ceremonial flower garlands to crown the victor (“coronation” or “corone”).

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Cardinal, Art Print
Art Print

(State Bird of Ohio)

Cardinals, the Ohio State Bird, are passerines (perching songbirds) native to both North and South America. Cardinals have red plummage and are seed eaters.

Lady Bug, Photographic Print
Lady Bug,
Coccinella Spp,
Photographic Print

Lady Bugs, the state insect of Ohio, are small insects that are usually red, orange, or yellow with black spots on their back. Most ladybugs consume other insects that damage crops.

Ohio Valley Map Poster, 1985, side 1
Ohio Valley Map Poster,
1985, side 1

Marietta - Ohio's oldest permanent settlement was staked out as capital of Northwest Territory in 1788 by New Englanders of the Ohio Company of Associates. Governor Arthur St. Clair's opposition helped delay Ohio's statehood until 1803. Ropemaking and shipbuilding flourished in the 19th century; exploitation of petroleum in the early 20th.

Gallipolis - In the late 1780s Scioto Company speculators issued false titles to French buyers of acreage in proposed Gallipolis (City of Gauls), land actually owned by the Ohio Company. Congress offered tracts elsewhere, but many chose to repurchase their lots.

Scioto Valley, Portsmouth, OH, Poster
Scioto Valley,
Portsmouth, OH,

Zanesville - While surveying the road from Wheeling, West Virginia, to northern Kentucky in 1797, Ebenezer Zane founded Zanesville. It was one of several towns he established at river crossing of Zane's Trace, a major land route through Ohio and state capital from 1810-1812.

Mt. Pleasant - Early Quaker meeting place. Published the nation's first abolitionist newspaper in 1817 and later was a stop for slaves on the Underground Railroad.

Chillicothe - The trading center for the Scioto Valley region, Chillicothe became capital of Northwest Territory in 1800 and was twice state capital before 1820. Boomed with the Ohio and Erie Canal in 1832. The paper industry, which emerged around 1810, is still important. (fyi - the word chilicothe is from the Shawnee name Chalahgawtha, meaning “principal town”, as it was a major settlement of the tribe.)

Columbus - In 1816 the state government was moved from Chillicothe to more central Columbus. A feeder to the Ohio and Erie Canal, the National Road, and – after 1850 – railroads spurred farm trade and manufacturing. The land-grant Ohio State University opened in the 1870s.

Cincinnati - Construction of a “substantial fortress” began in 1789. By the 1820s steamboats had made centrally positioned Cincinnati the Ohio Valley's bug, soon boosted by the Miami-Erie Canal. By 1860 Porkopolis, as the meat-packing center was called, had 160,000 people, many of them Irish and German immigrants. A commercial bridge between the industrial North and the rural South.

Dayton - Settled in 1796, despite warning by Indians about flooding. Farm-machinery and railroad-car manufacturing expanded Dayton by the mid 1800s; the mass production of cash registers began in 1880s. In 1910 Orville and Wilbur Wright opened an experimental airplane factory, and aviation remains important.

side 2 Ohio Valley map

The Story of the Great Black Swamp, VHS, 1982
The Story of the
Great Black Swamp,
VHS, 1982

The Great Black Swamp, a glacially caused wetland in northwest Ohio, United States, extended into extreme northeastern Indiana. The swamps and marshes, interspersed with higher ground, were drained and settled in the second half of the 19th century.

The Story of the Great Black Swamp is a television documentary produced by WBGU-TV, Bowling Green, Ohio.

FYI ~ The Limberlost Swamp, written about by author Gene Stratton-Porter, is at the western end of the Great Black Swamp.

Battle of Fallen Timbers, Giclee Print
Battle of Fallen Timbers,
Giclee Print

Battle of Fallen Timbers - After the War for Independence George Washington asked Major Anthony Wayne to deal with the Native American tribes in the Northwest who were not party to, or honoring, the Treaty of Paris.

The Battle of Fallen Timbers, near present day Toledo, resulted in the Treaty of Greenville (1795) which opened the area of present day Ohio for settlement.

Poster Advertising Annie Oakley Featuring in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Giclee Print
Annie Oakley Featured in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Giclee Print

Annie Oakley
née Phoebe Ann Mosey
b. 8-13-1860; Woodland, OH
d. 11-3-1926; Greenville, OH

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