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Kansas Calendars

Kansas Flag
Kansas Flag


Kansas 24/7

Kansas Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff
Kansas Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff

A PrairyErth (A Deep Map): An Epic History of the Tallgrass Prairie Country
A PrairyErth
(A Deep Map):
An Epic History
of the Tallgrass
Prairie Country

Kansas: Yhe History of the Sunflower State
The History of the Sunflower State

What's the Matter with Kansas?
What's the Matter with Kansas?

S is for Sunflower: A Kansas Alphabet
S is for
A Kansas Alphabet

Dorothy in Wizard of Oz Costume
Dorothy Costume

Famous Kansans

Kirstie Alley
Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle
Walter & Olive Ann Beech
Annette Bening
Gwendolyn Brooks
William Burroughs
George Washington Carver
Clyde Vernon Cessna
Walter P. Chrysler
Clark M. Clifford
“Buffalo Bill” Cody
John Steuart Curry
Charles Curtis
Frank Marshall Davis
Bob Dole
Aaron Douglas
Ann Dunham
Amelia Earhart
Wyatt Earp
Dwight Eisenhower
Melissa Etheridge
Ron Evans
Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Dorothy Gale
Robert Gates
Nora Holt
Dennis Hopper
Wild Bill Hickok
Langston Hughes
William Inge
Martin and Osa Johnson
Walter Johnson
Buster Keaton
Emmett Kelly
Stan Kenton
Jack Kilby
Bill Kurtis
Alfred Landon
Jim Lehrer
Wangari Maathai
Edgar Lee Masters
Bat Masterson
Hattie McDaniel
Karl Menninger
William C. Menninger
Oscar Micheaux
Billy Mills
Carrie A. Nation
Charlie Parker
Gordon Parks
ZaSu Pitts
Samuel Ramey
Vance Randolph
Charles 'Buddy' Rogers
Paul Rudd
Damon Runyon
Barry Sanders
W. Eugene Smith
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Kansas City, KS

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Kansas Posters, Prints, Photographs, Maps, & Calendars, pg 1/2
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Kansas Satellite Map Photo
Satellite Map Photo

(38º30'0"N 98º0'0"W)

Kansas, known as the “Sunflower State” and the “JayHawker” State, joined the Union on January 29, 1861 as the 34th state. The name derives from ‘Kansa’ which means “People of the south winds.”

Kansas, in the West North Central Region, is bordered by Missouri on the east, Oklahoma on the south, Colorado on the west and Nebraska on the north.

State Bird : Meadowlark
State Flower : Sunflower
State Insect : Honey Bee
State Animal : Buffalo
State Tree : Cottonwood
State Capital : Topeka
State Motto : “Ad Astra Per Aspera”, or “To the Stars Through Difficulties.”
Kansas Map by county.
US Census Bureau facts
All About Kansas Facts

Kansas is not the flat, baked tableland that many conceive. Nor is it particularly corny in August, or any other month; wheat, oil wells, and livstock dominate its landscape. The terrain slopes upward from an elevation of about 700 feet in the southeast to some 4,000 feet in the northwest, and the visitor who is willing to look for them will find a surprising array of recreational and historical sites.

Most of the state's excellent eaat-west highways fan from Kansas City, Kansas, appropriately an industrial center that grew where the industrious Wyandot Indians built a town; stores and offices now surround the tribal cemetery. With its larger namesake flanking it beside the Missouri River, Kansas City forms a metropolis that is one of the most sprawling in the nation.

Flint Hills of Kansas, Photographic Print
Flint Hills of Kansas,
Photographic Print

The majority of Kansas's bigger cities cluster in the eastern third of the state. There three of them – Lawrence, Manhattan, and Emporia – form a triangle of leafy, progressive college towns. There, too, lie many of the artificial lakes that offer camping, fishing, boating, and other water activities within an excellent state park system. Worth exploring are the Flint Hills, a gently tilted series of outcrops that ripple grassy and scenic across the state from Marshall County in the north to Cowley in the south. Wild flowers dot the slopes from spring through autumn. Eight-foot-high big bluestem and other grasses once nurtured great herds of buffalo; now cattle thrive on them, and in autumn you can see stock driven to market along country roads.

Spotted through the Flint Hills are such tree-lined towns as Alma and Cottonwood Falls, their sturdy limestone buildings reflecting the character of the land. Towns in central and western Kansas once resounded to the gunfire and hoof clatter of trail-driving days. Dodge City, Abilene, Hays, Wichita, and others preserve reminders of that Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson era. And at Quinter you can go by covered wagon, stagecoach, and horseback on a wagon train trip of two to four days along an old pioneer trail.

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Kansas Flag Art Print
Kansas Flag
Art Print

State Capitol, Topeka, Kansas, Art Print
State Capitol,
Topeka, Kansas,
Art Print

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University of Kansas Art Print
University of Kansas,
Art Print
Kansas State University, Manhattan, Art Print
Kansas State University,
Art Print

Louisiana Purchase Exhibition, St. Louis, Art Print
Louisiana Purchase
Art Print
Greetings from Kansas, Map, Art Print
Greetings from Kansas, Map,
Art Print

Lewis & Clark posters
map posters

Map of Slave and Free Areas of the United States in 1854, at the Time of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill, Giclee Print
Map of Slave and Free Areas of the United States in 1854, at the Time of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill,
Giclee Print

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Stock Certificate, Giclee Print
Atchison, Topeka
& Santa Fe
Stock Certificate,
Giclee Print

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Meadowlark Art Print
Art Print

Kansas State Bird

The Western Meadowlark, a medium sized passerine or songbird whose permanent habitat is grasslands and prairies, forage on the ground and low vegetation for insects, seeds and berries.

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Sunflower Wall Poster

Kansas State Flower

The term “sunflower” refers to annual or perennial plants native to the Americas, in the genus Helianthus, family Asteraceae.

Sunflowers have a large yellow flowering head, made up of numerous florets packed closely together on stems that can grow to 9 ft (3 meters) tall. The leaves and buds of young sunflowers do exhibit heliotropism (sun turning), from east to west during the course of a day. Mature flower heads do not.

botany posters

Honey Bee, Apis Mellifera, Photographic Print
Honey Bee,
Apis Mellifera,
Photographic Print

Honey Bee, Apis Mellifera
Kansas State Insect

The honey bee is important as a principal pollinator of crops and for producing pleasant-tasting and healthful honey. A social insect, the honey bee lives in highly organized colonies.

insect posters
food posters

A Cottonwood Trees Displays Its Autumn Colors, Photographic Print
Cottonwood Trees
in Autumn,
Photographic Print

Kansas State Tree

Cottonwoods, native to North America, Europe and western Asia, grow along river banks in the riparian zone (between land and water) thus providing soil conservation in flood prone areas. The wood, though course and strong (used for shipping crates and pallets) has the lowest BTU of any wood.

trees posters
Autumn posters

Edwaerd Muybridge
Buffalo (American bison) Animation sequence of Eadweard Muybridge's photos by Waugsberg.

American Bison
Kansas State Animal

The American bison, commonly known as buffalo, is the largest terrestrial mammal in North America. Bison are nomadic grazers and travel in herds.

Train Passengers Shooting Buffalo For Sport, c.1870, Giclee Print
Train Passengers Shooting
Buffalo for Sport, c.1870,
Giclee Print

The American Bison species close to extinction due to commercial hunting. The current population is estimated at 350,000 compared to an estimated 60 to 100 million in the mid-19th century.

animal posters
Eadweard Muybridge photographs

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