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educational posters for social studies classrooms, home schools, and theme decor for office.

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Famous Educators and Notable Teachers ~

Rudolf Laban
Christian Louis Lange

Tom Lehrer

Willard Libby
Franz Liszt

Rudolf Laban: An Extraordinary Life
Rudolf Laban: An Extraordinary Life

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Rudolf Laban
b. 1879; Pozsony, Kingdom of Hungary, Austro-Hungarian Empire
d. 1958; Weybridge, England

Rudolf Laban was a visionary, mystic, lover, leader, dancer, artist, teacher, and theorist. This is the story of his extraordinary life, a life intimately bound up with the political, social and cultural upheavals that formed the turbulent backdrop of modern Europe.

He witnessed the dissolution of the old order and was caught up in the rise of Nazism from which he was eventually forced to flee to Britain. He made his lasting impact in movement and dance, uncovering the interconnectedness of the body and the psyche, the individual and the group; and he devised a revolutionary method of movement notation that continues its use and influence today. His ideas have generated innovations, not just in dance, but also in acting and performance, in the study of nonverbal communication, in ergonomics, in educational theory and child development, in personality assessment and psychotherapy. This book tells the story of his life of idealism, disillusion and determination. (book description)

Christian Louis Lange, Norwegian Pacifist, Giclee Print
Christian Louis Lange, Norwegian Pacifist,
Giclee Print

Christian Louis Lange
b. 9-17-1869; Stavanger, Norway
d. 12-11-1938

Teacher and political scientist Christian Louis Lange was one of the world's foremost exponents of the theory and practice of internationalism.

He shared the 1921 Nobel Peace Prize with Swedish Prime Minister Hjalmar Branting.

Christian Louis Lange at Amazon

Lao-Tzu on His Buffalo, Followed by a Disciple, Giclee Print
Lao-Tzu on His Buffalo,
Followed by a Disciple,
Giclee Print

Lao Tzu
b. fl. 6th century BC; Ancient China

Lao Tzu, a philosopher and central figure in Taoism, attracted a large number of students and loyal disciples according to popular traditional biographies. It is said he left China riding on the back of a water buffalo.

Songs & More Songs by Tom Lehrer, Audio CD
Songs & More
Songs by Tom Lehrer,
Audio CD

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Tom Lehrer
b. 4-9-1928; NYC, NY

Tom Lehrer, a Harvard mathematics professor by day, is also among the foremost song satirists with vicious, twisted parodies of popular musical trends which proved highly influential on the “sick comedy” revolution of the 1960s.

One of Lehrer's best remembered “numbers” is “The Elements” where he sets the names of the chemical elements to the tune of the “Major-General's Song” from Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance.

Willard Libby, Photographic Print
Willard Libby,
Photographic Print

Willard Frank Libby
b. 12-17-1908; Grand Valley, Colorado
d. 9-8-1980; Los Angeles

Libby, a physical chemist, worked on the Manhattan Project on developing the atomic bomb.

He was awarded the 1960 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for radiocarbon dating, which was important to the study of archaeology.

Libby was also a noted professor, teaching at the University of Chicago, and University of California, UCLA.

Life Work of Noble Laureate Willard Frank Libby
Radiocarbon Dating

Franz Liszt at the Piano, Giclee Print
Profile of Franz Liszt, Hungarian Composer and Pianist, 1811-1886,
Giclee Print

Franz Liszt
b. 10-22-1811; Doborján, Hungary
d. 7-31-1886

Franz Liszt, in addition to being a piano virtuoso, and 19th century Romantic composer, also became a notable teacher who charged nothing for his lessons, donated much of his concert fees to charity and performed to raise funds for humanitarian causes.

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