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Contemporary and historic cities ~

New Orleans
New York



New Orleans Skyline at Night, Photographic Print
New Orleans Skyline at Night,
Photographic Print

(29º58'0"N 90º03'0"W)

New Orleans, a seaport and the largest city in the state of Louisiana, was founded in 1718 and named in honor Philippe d'Orléans, Duke of Orléans and Regent of France, and the French city of Orléans.

New Orleans was under Spanish control between 1763-1801, then French control before Napolean sold the area known as the Louisiana Purchase to the young US in 1803.

New Orleans is known for its French Creole architecture, cuisine, the birthplace of Jazz, the Mardi Gras, and being devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Notable people associated with New Orleans include Louis Armstrong, George Washington Cable, Truman Capote, Kitty Carlisle, Pauline Cushman, Dorothy Lamour, Carmen De Lavallade, “Fats” Domino, Pete Fountain, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Bryant Gumbel, Lillian Hellman, Al Hirt, Mahalia Jackson, Papa Jack Laine, Manuel Lisa, Wynton Marsalis, “Jelly Roll” Morton, Helen Prejean, Ann Rice, Cokie Roberts, Kordell Stewart, Ray Walston, Andrew Young.

New York, New York, View to Downtown, Art Print
New York City,
View to Downtown,
Art Print

(40º43'0"N 74º0'0"W)

New York City, NY, one of the most populous metropolitian areas in the world, is located on the Atlantic coast of northeastern United States.

In 1624 Dutch settlers established a trading post on a large natural harbor that they named New Amsterdam after their European capital in the Netherlands. The name was changed by the British who took control in 1664.

The largest battle of the Revolutionary War was fought at New York, and New York served as an early capital of the new United States.

• “New York is the perfect model of a city, not the model of a perfect city.” ~ Lewis Mumford

Nicosia, Cyprus, Photographic Print
Nicosia, Cyprus,
Photographic Print

(35º10'0"N 33º22'0"E)

Nicosia is the largest city on the island Cyprus which has suffered from disputes between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Aerial View of the Port, Nice, France
Aerial View of the Port, Nice, France, Photographic Print

(43º42'12"N 7º15'59"E)

Nice, the fifth most populous city in France, (after Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse), is located on the south east coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea, just west of the border with Italy.

The name “Nice” is from the Greeks who dedicated their settlement to Nike, their goddess of victory.

FYI - Niçoise salad is named for the city of Nice.

Notable people associated with Nice include: Harriet Chalmers Adams, Guillaume Apollinaire, Hector Berlioz, Alfred Binet, Henry Cavendish, Anton Chekhov, Jean Cocteau, Isadora Duncan, Raoul Dufy, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Rita Jolivet, Henri Matisse, Maurice Maeterlinck, Joseph Nicephore Niepce, Friedrich Nietzsche.

Gates of Ancient City of Nineveh, Now Mosul, the Third Capital of Assyria, Al Mawsil, Iraq, Photographic Print
Gates of Ancient
City of Nineveh,
3rd Capital of Assyria,
Photographic Print

(36º21'34"N 43º09'10"E)

The ancient city of Nineveh, mentioned in the Old Testament, is across the Tigris River from Mosul, Iraq.

Around 1800 BC Nineveh was a center of worship of Ishtar, whose cult, along with being located on the East-West trade route between the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean, was responsible for the Nineveh's early importance.

Central Mosque of Nouakchott, Mauritania, Africa, Photographic Print
Nouakchott, Mauritania, Africa,
Photographic Print

(18º6'0"N 15º57'0"W)

Nouakchott, the largest city in Mauritania, is located on the Atlantic coast of the Sahara Desert.

The city has experienced rapid growth due to recent droughts and famines, as well as advancing sand dunes from the east.

Bombed Water Intake of Pegnitz River No Longer Supplies War Factories in Nuremberg, Photographic Print
Bombed Water Intake of Pegnitz River No Longer Supplies War Factories in Nuremberg,
Photographic Print

(49º27'0"N 11º5'0"E)

Nuremberg, in the German state of Bavaria, was probably founded at the turn of the 11th century. Because of its location it became an important trading city and was an ‘unofficial capital’ of the Holy Roman Empire (Diets of Nuremberg).

Prior to World War II the Nazis also held huge propaganda rallies in Nuremberg which lead to the international tribunal of the German officials involved in the Holocaust and war crimes to be held in the same city.

Famous people associated with Nuremberg: Albrecht Durer, Ludwig Feuerbach, Kaspar Hauser, Johann Pachelbel, Johann Christoph Volkamer.

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