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Historians ~

Barbara Tuchman

Frederick Jackson Turner

William of Tyre

Books are the carriers of civilization. Tuchman, Poster
“Books are the carriers
of civilization”.

Barbara Tuchman
b. 1-30-1912; NYC, NY
d. 2-6-1989; Greenwich, Connecticut

Barbara Wertheim Tuchman was a self-trained historian and author best known for her top-selling book The Guns of August, a history of the prelude and first month of World War I which won the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction.

A Distant Mirror by Barbara Tuchman
motivational posters

Frederick Jackson Turner - The Frontier in American History
Frederick Jackson Turner - The Frontier in
American History

(no commercially available image)

Frederick Jackson Turner
b. 11-14-1861; Portage, WI
d. 3-14-1932

Frederick Jackson Turner is remembered for his “Frontier Thesis”, which was first presented during the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

Frederick Jackson Turner quotes ~
“Each type of industry was on the march toward the West, impelled by an irresistible attraction. Each passed in successive waves across the continent. Stand at Cumberland Gap and watch the procession of civilization, marching single file – the buffalo following the trail to the salt springs, the Indian, the fur trader and hunter, the cattle-raiser, the pioneer farmer – and the frontier has passed by. Stand at South Pass in the Rockies a century later and see the same procession with wider intervals between.”
• “The West is now closed.”

Possible Self Portrait of William of Tyre (c. 1130-85), Writing at His Desk, Monk, 12th C., Medieval, Giclee Print
William of Tyre,
Giclee Print

William of Tyre
b. c. 1130; Jerusalem
d. 1186; Lebanon

William, archbishop of Tyre, was a chronicler of the Crusades and the Middle Ages.

William of Tyre: Historian of the Latin East

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